Waiting for Transparency in City of Coral Gables Government (1)

We have been waiting for the fruition of all of the offers of Transparency that we heard form Messrs Cason and Quesada.  So far there there is not real evidence of increased transparency.

The city manager pulled out of the deck a $22 million debt increase and imaginary spending program.  The commission was content is hearing comments from two or three citizen who happened to present at the unvailing of the “Renassaince Debt.”

One commission, a local banker, who mentioned the “costless” refinancing during his campaign tried to sell us “pig in a poke” by saying that the program is free because we have money in the budget–as if there were on other use for the money, such as cutting taxes, raising needed reserves or compensating for the multi-million dollar revenue loss from the Biltmore fiasco.

Looks like the commission needs to go back to take Econ 101.

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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