City of Coral Gables Sells 2 Parking Lots–Little for Parks

Total revenues two parking lots $7,025,000 (100%)

Revenues for city buildings– Public Safety Building and a Minorca Parking Garage $5,275,000 (75%)

Revenues for park lands and improvements $1,750,000 (25%)


Money for any budget items is highly fungible–more money for any one item frees up money for other uses.

This is just a game of budgetary mirrors.

Money that may have gone for parks before are now free for other non-environmental uses

Or the city knew money was coming for parks so no money was assigned in the original budget, and went for less important items.

Mayor Lago conditioned the sale of the Doctors Hospital parking lot on using the money exclusively for parks.

That has been conveniently forgotten.

Coral Gables City Budget Resolution–Sell Lots Mostly for Public Building Construction and Parking Garages


The City of Coral Gables Commission Demands Physical Presence in its Chambers to Legally Comment at Public Hearings of Important Legislative Matters.

This has raises dangerous health questions in middle of the most serious COVID pandemic since the pandemic began with Florida being the most serious hotspot in the US, and then even compared to many countries in the world.

The result of this strong requirement to be physically present in the City Commission Chambers has the effect of thwarting legal comments and criticisms.

@RonDeSantis Kills, Sickens Children

Many more infections, ICU’s full, fighting against public health by boards of education, children in ICU’s, indifferent to vaccinations.

His Goal, Mirroring Trump–get reelected at the cost of public health.


New valet parking at Doctors Hospital to be sold by the City will remove a dense green protective environmental barrier between the hospital and the neighbors, all to reorganize and build more parking spaces and more “efficient” parking.

The sale and the reorganized parking space will lead to the destruction in the views and quiet space of neighbors along the canal and the big loss in environmental and community benefits (by noise, lighting, traffic, unsightly view of hospital buildings, loss in property values, loss of wildlife habitat).

TOTALLY UNNECESSARY DEATHS–Unvaccinated Mother and Daughter Die

Louisiana woman and her mother have died of COVID-19 just one day apart. Lacresanna Williams, 21, of Shreveport, was pregnant and tested positive for the virus during a routine checkup, reported local TV station KSLA. The next day, she died after delivering her baby via emergency C-section, her aunt Cassandra Martin told the station.

Unvaccinated Mother and Daughter Die of COVID One Day Apart

Coral Gables project reaches for the sky

Another developer wants to push beyond the limits of zoning and land use in the Crafts Section, less than six months after the city approved a controversial upzoning that just doesn’t seem like enough. Trammell Crow Residential, one of the nation’s largest homebuilders, will go before the city’s Board of Architects Thursday morning and ask for more height, more density, less required parking, less green space, less setback. Alexan Crafts would go seven stories up for 263 apartments, 22 live/work units on the ground floor (read: retail) and a parking garage with 364 spaces — a different one for every day of the year. Almost.

Another Coral Gables project reaches for the sky despite new zoning limits – Political Cortadito

City government politicians and government cry–BUILD, BUILD, BUILD. Not livability, beauty, tranquility, environment, wildlife, green areas…