University of Miami: Magical Thinking Excludes Impact on the City of Coral Gables

No doubt there will be a potential onslaught on the local Coral Gables community of free wheeling, free moving and undisciplined students (unless the psychology of students has miraculously changed).

The four pillars include testing, tracing, and tracking, cleaning and disinfecting: protecting personal space; and vaccinating.

“Life on campus will look the way it did when we left…I look forward to seeing you back on campus and to reengaging in person with the vibrant community we will continue to build–together.”

Florida Far From Flattening the Curve

In Florida, known cases are doubling every 12.5 days.

Track FL coronavirus cases & death numbers by day & county | Miami Herald

My God! Florida 8900 Cases–Explosive, Uncontrolled Growth

Deaths and hospitalization will rise even though there is some capacity available now.

Very little to add–our governor and mayors have abandoned us. They prefer rising deaths before admitting their responsibility and guilt, before closing irrelevant businesses (say, gyms, salons and barbershops, in restaurant eating) for our health.

The University of Miami is planning to open and force their students onto campus. Many students live off campus.

Florida Accepts More Deaths… For GOPs RNC Sake

…now is the time for state and local governments to slow reopening efforts before the only option left is another shutdown of the economy.

But while South Florida’s local governments have stepped up enforcement of social-distancing measures and issued face mask orders, Florida’s governor gave no indication that the Sunshine State will do anything differently as it moves forward with the phased reopening that began in May.

Act now on Florida covid case surge, health experts say | Miami Herald

COVID-19: Florida Infections Challenge Weak Political Leadership

The look of exponential infections in Florida and deaths starting to tick up.

Governor DeSantis is being criticized widely in the state. Many mayors are showing signs of inability to make tough decision, opening too early and unwilling to close down hot spots.

COVID-19: Florida in Big Trouble, Awakening Politicians

Infections exploding, deaths creeping up, hospitalizations up.

Politicians awakening and demanding face masks, social distancing especially in restaurants and stores.


Here in Florida we have a weak Governor DeSantis who is willing to sacrifice the health of residents to business interests, rather than opening the state slowly with enough testing and contact tracing to control the infection rate.

Mayor Gimenez of Miami-Dade County, the state leader in COVID-19 has weakly followed the lead of the state and federal government.

The University of Miami is opening its campus in the City of Coral Gables, which will surely add to local community Covid infections.