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Scientists tell us that vaccine distribution is lagging way behind the increase in infections and the appearance of more aggressive infections that replicate faster. Some new COVID variants may be more resistant to existing vaccines.

Listen to the scientist. Speak out. What you are doing by saying you are working hard to get the vaccination out: that is just political cover.


City of Coral Gables to Give COVID Vaccinations: Questions?

I just observe vaccinations Baptist Health.The service was amazing–fast, efficient, great parking, friendly and low stressful and they were through putting 100s of vaccinations per hour, at least.

Question: Do we think that the Coral Gables fire department can compete with this system. Answer: NO.

Question: Wouldn’t you rather that Baptist Health get that vaccine allocation rather than the City of Coral Gables with its likely high cost, less efficient system. Answer: YES.

Question: Will the residents of Coral Gables get preference into local vaccination? Answer: they say NO.

Question: Does it make medical sense that a small municipality get in the business right now of giving vaccinations? Answer: NO. We need fast, large-scale, cost effective vaccination services.

Question: Does the City of Coral Gables getting into the vaccination business sound like a political show? Answer: YES

@GovRonDeSantis Vaccination Corruption, Disorganization and Incompetence

@GovRonDesantis is showing apparent corruption in the distribution of vaccinations to his friends and donors, facilitating vaccine for Canadian winter visitors and incompetence in the organization of vaccination for the greater public–the common men and women. The Governor arbitrarily decided to ignore and change the CDC recommendations for priority vaccinations, sidestepping priorities for essential workers and without organizing a superstructure of places, organizations, staff to widely distribute vaccines. In the meantime people are still huddled in their homes or working, exposing themselves to covid infection.

Ten months into the coronavirus pandemic, DeSantis’ hands-off governing style is still frustrating Floridians, healthcare industry groups and elected officials. Where they struggled to decipher the governor’s vague or conflicting orders at the start of the pandemic, they’re now scrambling to adapt to his ever-changing vaccination strategy.

Florida governor’s vaccine messaging creates confusion | Miami Herald

Today 354,300 COVID deaths, at least

To Family, Friends, Neighbors, Community, a Better 2021

Weak Democracy in the City of Coral Gables?

DEMOCRACY refers to a political system in which legislative and chief executive decision-makers are elected by majority or plurality rule by eligible voters, with a presumption that the franchise approaches universal adult suffrage among legal citizens and that mechanisms are in place to protect ideological, religious, ethnic, and other demographic minorities.

Source: American Academy of Arts and Sciences. OUR COMMON PURPOSE: Reinventing American Democracy for the 21st Century. Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship. 2020. p. 1.

The big question is that if only 20 to 25 percent of the eligible registered voters actually vote in municipal elections, whether the city is a weak democracy. I would say that the answer is weak democracy. However, the City of Coral Gables is not that unusual in having such a low participation in municipal elections.

I would add that strong democratic systems should be conceived as encouraging voter participation. The City of Coral Gables discourages voter participation by having voting outside of routine national and state elections in November.

The impacts of low voter participation can be thought of as voter suppression via the charter of the city, which fixes the election dates at an inconvenient date to the electorate. There is good evidence that if elections are moved to November coinciding with national and state elections, then voter participation expands to twice the current participation.

The Commission considered charter revisions that did not include a change of election date to November to coincide with national elections. This disrespects citizens who are conceived as incapable to select the right candidates for the City Commission.

The City of South Miami should be respected as it submitted the election date change and the change in date was approved overwhelming by the voters.