Florida and Miami-Dade County: Politicians Appear to Ignore COVID-19 Rise

Florida is one of 4 states with the highest infection rates. Miam-Dade County has largest number of among Florida Counties. Hospitalizations are starting to go back up. Vaccinations are increasing but not like many other states.

What are Governor DeSantis and Mayor Levine Cava doing. They are doing the worst that they could do–opening up, opposing masking (DeSantis), sending bad signals to the population by eliminating the last remaining curfew.

They are abandoning the people for political and economic advantages, advantages that are harvested with increasing illness and deaths.



Editorial board withdraws Coral Gables mayor recommendation | Miami Herald

We recommend Commissioner Pat Keon for mayor. Keon is a two-term commission member, first elected in 2013.

Editorial board withdraws Coral Gables mayor recommendation | Miami Herald

City of Coral Gables FL on Sustainability, the Environment and Climate Change Response

A very recent resolution of the City Commission:


This is the description of City of Coral Gables sustainability and environmental initiatives:

The City of Coral Gables recognizes that sustainability must be a key focus of the City’s policies and services, with targeted investments in energy, water and waste efficiency. Creating this sustainable city requires a commitment of leadership and coordination across the organization. Whereas, the City will consider the environmental impacts of its operations, and develop creative and practical solutions that will minimize our ecological footprint. We will integrate sustainability in the places residents and employees live, work and play, and provide the guidance and resources for our businesses and citizens.


Green Goals in the City of Coral Gables:

The City of Coral Gables will take measurable steps towards becoming a “sustainable” community by providing a healthy setting for residents, workers, property owners and visitors and increase awareness of green development practices and ways to have a significant impact on the City’s environment including the following: protecting the quality of air, water, land and other natural resources; conserving native vegetation, fish, wildlife and worldwide ecosystems; minimize the carbon footprint; and reduce greenhouse emissions.


City of Coral Gables–The Environment

In recent years the City of Coral Gables has introduced a number of valuable sustainable development and environmentally relevant policies and programs.  Recently, the City Commission has approved a statement of its concerns for mitigating climate change effects. There is a strong concern for the protection of green areas, preparation for sea level rises and ensuring sound environmental principles in all programs and projects.

Coral Gables Canal near Doctors Hospital

I guess only a Cuban American can say this

They use conservatism as an excuse for refusing to even consider that something is rotten in a nation that continues to allow its police officers to kill unarmed Black men, women and teenagers, and use excessive force disproportionately against them. It’s not just simply “conservative” politics to lambaste the Catholic school where they send their daughters for being inclusive and using terms like “systemic racism” and “social justice” under the cloak of casting these words as “Marxism.”

It’s racism.

Republican Cuban Americans slam Carrollton’s race education | Miami Herald

Racist comments and practices are mostly expressed in private, but here stated quite clearly for the South Florida community: there are pervasive institutional practices of racism against African-Americans in the US, Florida and Coral Gables.

There is public acquiescence with such institutional (called systemic, too) racism in Coral Gables and other towns.

Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart Social Justice, Inclusion and Diversity Statement

Many of us find that this is an excellent statement and guidepost for education that recognizes the need to resolve deep-seated problems of profound racism and white supremacy practices in the US.

Social Justice, Inclusion and Diversity Statement Carrollton’s commitment to diversity and inclusion emanates from our aspirations as a Sacred Heart School fully committed to the Goals and Criteria.

Recognizing the innate dignity of each person, as created in the image and likeness of God, we:  

Commit ourselves to building a community in which each individual in our community feels welcome and safe. Expect everyone to treat all community members with dignity and respect, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status and sexual orientation.  

Commit to educating the entire community to a critical consciousness about systemic injustice and inequality.  

Intend to form ourselves to personal responsibility to promote tolerance and denounce discrimination of any kind.   

Continue to equip our students, faculty and staff with the necessary tools for effective dialogue and decision making that upholds the value of solidarity with the entire human family.

Adopted August 2, 2020, by the Carrollton Board of Trustees The Goals and Criteria outlines the essential principles and values of Sacred Heart education.

Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart is a Catholic, Independent school for girls grades PreK-12 Social Justice, Inclusion and Diversity Statement

SAVE revokes Vince Lago Coral Gables mayor endorsement | Miami Herald

Coral Gables mayoral candidate Vince Lago lost an endorsement and faced new political attacks over the weekend after the Miami Herald reported that Lago was among dozens of parents who signed a letter that denounced a Miami Catholic school’s effort to address racism.

SAVE revokes Vince Lago Coral Gables mayor endorsement | Miami Herald

Coral Gables Election: Miami Herald Weakens its Position on Mayoral Candidate Vince Lago

An April 1 Miami Herald news article brought to light new information about Coral Gables Vice Mayor Vince Lago, who is running for mayor in the April 13 election.

Lago, along with other parents, signed a letter in October that was sent to administrators at Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, the independent Catholic girls school in Miami’s Coconut Grove that his children attend, saying that changes in the school’s curriculum to address the issue of racism were incompatible with the school’s religious foundation.

Vince Lago most thoughtful candidate in race for Gables mayor | Miami Herald

This softening in the recommendation is because of Lago’s apparent lack of support for the active teaching of race relations, including the widely understood concepts of systemic or institutionalized racism, the need to treat equally of races, and promote equal access and treatment of all races to social and economic benefits of our society, social safety nets, and municipal services and public security especially policing.

556,000 Deaths