Doctors Hospital very recently affected a weekend pruning of vegetation and trees along the canal, cutting back part of the light shield of the neighbors, the noise barrier and partially the green buffer. Hopefully and it is trusted that this is not the start of worse cutbacks and that the City of Coral Gables, owner of the parking lot, will protect the neighbors.


Infection incidence is up and testing rate has bounced up.

228,000–friends and neighbors

I grew up in a small town with a population of 15,000. These deaths are the sane as 15 of these small towns with all their friends and neighbors.

Neighborhood Light Contamination: DOCTORS HOSPITAL

This is the existing night time light contamination from Doctors Hospital, penetrating through the city-owned valet parking lot and penetrating through a very dense green buffer along the Coral Gables Waterway. The alternation, removal and installation of new landscaping may very significantly increase light contamination to the neighbors. Also, it is not known at this date if the city will allow for additional lighting on the future expanded parking lot after it is sold to Baptist Health, as planned.

Green Buffer Hides Doctors Hospital from Neighbors

Green Buffer, Coral Gables Waterway

This photo shows that the Doctors Hospital buildings are completely out of view of the neighbors; and many neighbors have renovated their houses over the years to favor this natural untouched view of the canal.

It is projected that the hospital will eliminate appreciable green areas, thereby, increasing noise, light pollution, views of parked cars and traffic, buildings with lighting, street lighting, disturbing wildlife, decreasing property values….


Green Areas Environmental Benefits: Doctors Hospital Parking and Canal

The local canal waterways provide very significant environmental and community benefits along the canal to our residents.

This is especially evidenced along University Blvd in front Doctors Hospital at the corner of Pisano Ave.

The many community benefits of the green areas:

  • Provide wildlife habitat (birds, fish, reptiles, manatees…) diversity
  • Traffic calming and noise mitigation
  • Impeding views of car traffic, valet parking, buses and ambulances
  • Impeding view of Doctors Hospital buildings
  • Mitigate Doctors Hospital lighting
  • Wind and temperature mitigation in storms and hurricanes
  • CO2 capture
  • Favor canal users’ recreational boating and fishing
  • Bolster local property values

Coral Gables Waterway Green Neighborhood Buffer

Endangered Green Area: Overview

This is a satellite view of the Doctors Hospital (Baptist Health) parking lot leased from the City of Coral Gables showing the lot and the green barrier between the lot and the neighborhood streets (Granada, Carillo, Pisano).

The City of Coral Gables plans the sale of the parking lot and the green area to Baptist Health for an estimated $3.0 million.

The green buffer hides views of the Doctors Hospital building, traffic and parked cars from the area residents and supplies numerous environmental benefits.

It is worrying that Doctors Hospital will re-landscape the area with the subsequent loss of the environment and local property values.

The City of Coral Gables should require that no buildings or other construction (walls) be allowed on the property and that the green buffer be fully retained or significantly improved.

If the City of Coral Gables cannot ensure the permanency of the dense green buffer then the land sale may be questioned.

FLORIDA: Believe It–You Have Trouble–Get Ready

FLORIDA: Infection Rising–Politicians Holding Out

While Florida does not have the per capita infection rates of many other states now, their are strong signs that new higher infection rates coincide with the election as they start to rise now. Why are the politicians–governor, mayor..–keeping quiet and prefer NOT to enforce masking, social distancing, congregating closely in group in preference for political rallies. Also, local politicians are afraid to expose their health management incompetence during thier attempt to get elected.


UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI: Signs of Increasing Infection