Minneapolis Truth


POTUS today made the US withdraw from the WHO. The US paid enough and benefited a lot.

Just to justify his failure to manage the COVID-19 mitigation killing thousands more than necessary and for political benefit.

The next government will be busy correcting all of POTUS mistakes, incompetency, failures and inhumanity.

COVID-19 CRISIS: Florida, Questionable Improvements

Some slight improvements which could be due to delayed holiday improvements. Don’t trust Florida data.

COVID-19 CRISIS: Florida False Data

Some have estimated about 50 extra pneumonia deaths in Florida. These are all certainly COVID-19.

Florida data and government can’t be trusted

COVID-19 CONVERSATION: Florida Should Not Be Opening

Covid-19 infections are not declining. New deaths per day are up and down based on an uneven reporting system and a bad identification of causes of death.


Recently, a worker spoke

I’m Hungry. Do You Have Anything?”

This hasn’t happened to me ever in Coral Gables, FL

My friends, a real national crisis meets the safest neighborhood.

COVID-19 CONVERSATION: Doesn’t Look Good for Florida?

Signs of rising infections and returning death increases. Why does South Florida open so quickly, without clear strong regulations and enforcement of mitigation measures.

Signs that business rules in Miami-Dade County, Coral Gables.. and older residents are marginalized and not well consulted…