247,000 deaths; 11,000,000 COVID infections

Beautiful Visitor to Our Neighborhood

Enjoying this beautiful visitor to our neighborhood in this time of COVID staying at home.

This is a view of essential micro-environments for wildlife near the Doctors Hospital valet parking lot here in Coral Gables, FL.


  • US INFECTIONS 132,800
  • US DEATHS 1,223
  • FL DEATHS 54

GREEN BUFFER BY DAYTIME: Doctors Hospital Pruning

Neither the management of Doctors Hospital, nor its owner Baptist Health South Florida, seem to care about the eventual intrusion of hospital lighting into our neighborhood with the reduction of the existing green buffer.

This reduction will lead to increased light pollution, traffic noise and the added view of valet parked cars.

The management of Doctor Hospital has never talked to the neighbors. This pruning has come about without providing the barest of information to the affected neighbors.

100,000 COVID Infections; 230,500 Deaths (Almost a Hialeah); 9.1 Million Infections (Grossly Underestimated)

USA–Exceptional Nation, 98,600 New COVID Cases

Just heard the report that the USA had more COVID cases in one day that China in total had since December.


Infections are rising rapidly. Politicians should have cut back days ago instead of campaigning.