Environmental Initiatives Statement: City of Coral Gables

The City of Coral Gables recognizes that sustainability must be a key focus of the City’s policies and services, with targeted investments in energy, water and waste efficiency. Creating this sustainable city requires a commitment of leadership and coordination across the organization. Whereas, the City will consider the environmental impacts of its operations, and develop creative and practical solutions that will minimize our ecological footprint. We will integrate sustainability in the places residents and employees live, work and play, and provide the guidance and resources for our businesses and citizens. The City is committed to strategic and comprehensive sustainability planning throughout all departments and divisions. We will design, build and maintain our facilities, parks and streets to the highest of standards that promote efficiency and safety for our residents, visitors and employees. We will integrate technology to monitor and track our environmental investments, and will review our performance and cost savings. We will support businesses and organizations that are aligned with our mission, and foster relationships and opportunities with key institutions. By advancing these local sustainability initiatives, we will improve the environmental, social and economic health of Coral Gables.

City of Coral Gables – Environmental Initiatives



Not testing enough by their own decision to go to full on-campus COVID-19 testing twice a week.

Under ideal conditions all campus should be tested twice a week. And there are come universities who are do the twice weekly procedure.


8,000 Jumbo Jets to Deliver COVID Vaccine

Shipping a coronavirus vaccine around the world will be the “largest transport challenge ever” according to the airline industry. The equivalent of 8,000 Boeing 747s will be needed, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has said.

Covid vaccine: 8,000 jumbo jets needed to deliver doses globally, says IATA – BBC News

Miami Dade Schools Had Joined the Corruption Culture–Schooling Failed

My School Online is run by the for-profit tech education company K12. Its investors included Michael Milken, the convicted junk-bond king who President Donald Trump pardoned earlier this year, and current Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. In 2016, former California Attorney General and current Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris oversaw a $168.5 million settlement with K12 over alleged violations of the state’s laws against false claims, false advertising and unfair competition.

Miami Dade cuts tie with K12 online platform | Miami Herald