COVID-19 CRISIS: Florida, Questionable Improvements

Some slight improvements which could be due to delayed holiday improvements. Don’t trust Florida data.

COVID-19 CRISIS: Florida False Data

Some have estimated about 50 extra pneumonia deaths in Florida. These are all certainly COVID-19.

Florida data and government can’t be trusted

COVID-19 CONVERSATION: Florida Should Not Be Opening

Covid-19 infections are not declining. New deaths per day are up and down based on an uneven reporting system and a bad identification of causes of death.

COVID-19 CONVERSATION: Doesn’t Look Good for Florida?

Signs of rising infections and returning death increases. Why does South Florida open so quickly, without clear strong regulations and enforcement of mitigation measures.

Signs that business rules in Miami-Dade County, Coral Gables.. and older residents are marginalized and not well consulted…

COVID-19 CONVERSATION: Data, Testing and Tracing in Florida and South Florida.

Smoothing the curve means to create and plateau of infections and deaths, but the curve is supposed to go down and keeping going down after 14 days decline.

Florida and South Florida are jumping the gun.

TESTING: It is estimated that the testing rate in Florida is approximately 1% of the population.

CONTACT TRACING: The total number of contact tracers is 1,000 for the state of Florida. For Miami-Dade County has 175 tracers but is thought to be contracted more just as it opened. Too little, too late.

COVID-19 CONVERSATION: Covid-19 Data Inaccurate All States

A recent study [“Estimating the early death of COVID-10 in the United States” Daniel Weinberg, et. al.] shows that at the onset of the virus in the United States, in essence, many of the early infections were erroneously classified as pneumonia and influenza. Pneumonia and influenza incorrectly measured were those well above the estimated usual trend amount of these two diseases. Hence, the P & I infections higher than the usual amounts are seen as the underestimated COVID-19.

For the state of Florida the number of excess P & I deaths was estimated at 180 and the reported COVID-19 deaths were 54–an average excess deaths and underestimated virus of 3 times higher the reported amount.

COVID-19 CONVERSATION: Florida Today–Not That Good

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