FLORIDA: Testing Rate Thrice May; Deaths Thrice May; Infections Twice May

No time for complacence in Florida. Time for patience and care. We may be heading back into bad times again.

UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI: President Frenk Doubted

Frenk, who earns nearly $1.9m a year, and university officials are accused of ignoring employees’ requests to work remotely before school started, and, more recently, of manipulating data about incidents of Covid-19 on campus. Preston Taylor Stone, a 25-year-old graduate student who also teaches two introductory composition classes, believes Frenk’s decision-making appears based on his allegiance to the board of trustees and maintaining the financial viability of the university.

The University of Miami is led by an infectious disease expert. So why the fear? | US news | The Guardian


Note. This is the information before Labor Day. It could get worse in 10 or so.

Note. Infection totals may have reached a floor.

Note. Deaths may have reached a floor.

Green Areas Environmental Benefits: Doctors Hospital Parking and Canal

The local canal waterways provide very significant environmental and community benefits along the canal to our residents.

This is especially evidenced along University Blvd in front Doctors Hospital at the corner of Pisano Ave.

The many community benefits of the green areas:

  • Provide wildlife habitat (birds, fish, reptiles, manatees…) diversity
  • Traffic calming and noise mitigation
  • Impeding views of car traffic, valet parking, buses and ambulances
  • Impeding view of Doctors Hospital buildings
  • Mitigate Doctors Hospital lighting
  • Wind and temperature mitigation in storms and hurricanes
  • CO2 capture
  • Favor canal users’ recreational boating and fishing
  • Bolster local property values


The rate of positive tests should fall below 10% at least and better that it fall below 5%. The current rate is an indicator that there is not enough testing going on and that the infection rate is too high.

New York has a testing rate of 1%! That is the goal.

Our local and state politicians, especially Mayor Gimenez, are afraid to keep services closed because that will affect their elections.


Easy to say that deaths are not declining as with the decline in infections. This raises questions about the “quality” of the infections information. The Governor and the State of Florida have lost the trust of many people. Others think that the pandemic is improving faster than it actually is.