FLORIDA COVID-19: Wake Up Politicians

Anecdotally, many mask-less people today at the bank ATM. Wake up people, wake up politicians, wake up community leaders. We are headed for more trouble here in South Florida.

FLORIDA: Let Us Get Infected–Let Us Die

Thanks to the Johns Hopkins University via the Miami Herald.

Governor DeSantis has decided to follow the failed approach of creating herd immunity by illness and death!

Better herd immunity by universal masking now and vaccinations later.


Infections are rising rapidly. Politicians should have cut back days ago instead of campaigning.

FLORIDA: Believe It–You Have Trouble–Get Ready

FLORIDA: Infection Rising–Politicians Holding Out

While Florida does not have the per capita infection rates of many other states now, their are strong signs that new higher infection rates coincide with the election as they start to rise now. Why are the politicians–governor, mayor..–keeping quiet and prefer NOT to enforce masking, social distancing, congregating closely in group in preference for political rallies. Also, local politicians are afraid to expose their health management incompetence during thier attempt to get elected.

220,900 Covid Deaths USA

Florida: 4,044 cases now

Florida’s Department of Health on Saturday confirmed 4,044 additional cases of COVID-19, bringing the state’s known total to 752,481. Also, 87 resident deaths were announced, seven fewer than announced on Friday, bringing the resident death toll to 15,917.

Florida adds 4,044 new COVID-19 cases, 87 resident deaths | Miami Herald

Let’s see what the government authorities do, 2 weeks before the election.