COVID-19 is not the Flu for the Young

See that deaths are rising no matter the younger profile of the new infections.

Florida Politicians Are Brain Dead: COVID-19 Explodes

Republican politicians, from top to bottom, are afraid of Trump, afraid to lose the Republican National Convention and afraid to be seen agreeing with a Democratic. The most intelligent diagnosis of the current catastrophe came from Donna Shalala, (D) Florida, former Secretary of HHS.

University of Miami: Magical Thinking Excludes Impact on the City of Coral Gables

No doubt there will be a potential onslaught on the local Coral Gables community of free wheeling, free moving and undisciplined students (unless the psychology of students has miraculously changed).

The four pillars include testing, tracing, and tracking, cleaning and disinfecting: protecting personal space; and vaccinating.

“Life on campus will look the way it did when we left…I look forward to seeing you back on campus and to reengaging in person with the vibrant community we will continue to build–together.”

Low (Bad) Doubling Rate–Florida Key Counties

Other Key Cities and Counties Doubling Rate in Dates:

Tampa (Hillsborough 9.5); Orlando (Orange 8.3, Seminole 9.7, Lake 9.3, Osceola 8.5): Sarasota(Sarasota 12.7.


In Florida, known cases are doubling every 13.1 days.

Track FL coronavirus cases & death numbers by day & county | Miami Herald


Governor DeSantis finds no blame in his own fatal policy for Florida residents. Not enough testing capacity and not enough contact tracing. Not enough “youth in bars and beaches” to blame for his own failure to implement simple mask-on policies and full social distancing.

My God! Florida 8900 Cases–Explosive, Uncontrolled Growth

Deaths and hospitalization will rise even though there is some capacity available now.

Very little to add–our governor and mayors have abandoned us. They prefer rising deaths before admitting their responsibility and guilt, before closing irrelevant businesses (say, gyms, salons and barbershops, in restaurant eating) for our health.

The University of Miami is planning to open and force their students onto campus. Many students live off campus.