I am urging the new Mayor Daniella Levine Cata of Miami-Dade County to supply all of our citizens with good information on the number of COVID vaccines received each week from the State, what institutions and health units got the vaccines and how many vaccinations were obtained.

This is very good for community confidence in the process and that the vaccines are being delivered openly and equitably.

Others Can Take Your Vaccine 2nd Shot

More than 40,000 people in Florida are overdue to receive their second dose of the coronavirus vaccine and officials say it is a problem some experts said they saw coming.

More than 40,000 in Florida overdue for 2nd dose of coronavirus vaccine | WFLA

Rebekah Jones Jailed: Governor DeSantis Witch-hunt Victim

Florida Department of Health whistleblower Rebekah Jones is now in jail, accused of breaking into a state email system and sending an unauthorized message to employees.

Rebekah Jones jailed, accused of illegally accessing emergency message system

Jackson Health System CEO Migoya, Plans COVID Vaccination For Miami-Dade: A Rosy Picture?

In summary:

  • There is a huge vaccination demand (that’s good) and a fair, equitable appointment system is nonexistant. There is chaos right now.
  • Supplies from the Federal and State sources seem uncertain, supplied as they are a weak at a time. No forward planning is possible by providers and the county.
  • Miami-Dade Country authorities and the lead Jackson Health System (JKS) is overly optimistic, as reflected in the recent statements by CEO Migoya.
  • Vaccination planning is not taking into account the new covid rapidly infecting variant that may increase infections fast as vaccinations are given and, thereby, raise the actual percentage herd immunity needed to stabilize the disease spread.
  • JKS could be overestimating the capacity of HMO’s, hospitals, new drive-through sites and other new providers like the HMOs. We will see.
  • JKS estimates there are 455,000 people in the 65 years old and higher category and they think 50 percent will get vaccinations. Vaccination capacity could reach 70,000 to 75,000 vaccines per week very optimistically. The State may supply up to 250,000 per month.
  • They think that the 65 and older group may get enough vaccinations by the end of March. These seem quite optimistic given possible unreliable State health authorities vaccine distribution.
  • In short, there are at least 200,000 to 250,000 people in the 65 and over group who want vaccinations right now and they will want way more than the supply for many weeks to go. Remember, it is 2 shots per person.

Florida COVID-19: Governor DiSantis Failed Us

Source: Computations New York Times, Jan 5, 2021

Gov. DeSantis–Completely Incompetent Vaccine Turnout

It is hard not to appreciate that the Government of Florida health authorities and Governor DeSantis are completely over their heads in organizing the vaccination of millions of people. The Governor is blaming others for this failure like someone else we are familiar with, who practices this method of governance.

It is rather easy to understand that hospitals alone, with their many other demands, are not able to carry out a statewide vaccination program in a reasonable time period, at least without many more financial and staff resources.

Also, the Federal Government has no plan, the State of Florida has no plan and Miami-Dade County has no plan.

This is called underdevelopment, backwardness and incompetence.

Miami-Dade HOTSPOT

Where are the public health measures in Florida and Miami-Dade to reduce COVID-19 infections?