The City of Coral Gables Commission Demands Physical Presence in its Chambers to Legally Comment at Public Hearings of Important Legislative Matters.

This has raises dangerous health questions in middle of the most serious COVID pandemic since the pandemic began with Florida being the most serious hotspot in the US, and then even compared to many countries in the world.

The result of this strong requirement to be physically present in the City Commission Chambers has the effect of thwarting legal comments and criticisms.

COVID Patterns Florida

@RonDeSantis Kills, Sickens Children

Many more infections, ICU’s full, fighting against public health by boards of education, children in ICU’s, indifferent to vaccinations.

His Goal, Mirroring Trump–get reelected at the cost of public health.

Florida State Board of Education Promotes Desease in Students

Two Florida school districts that defied state rules and imposed mask mandates for students have been given 48 hours to reverse course or lose state funding equal to the salaries of their school board members.

In an order sent Friday to the districts in Alachua and Broward counties — the first of five districts in the state to impose mask requirements this month — the State Board of Education said that if they do not reverse their mandates in two days, the districts will have to provide Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran the current salaries of each school board member.

Florida gives school districts 48 hours to reverse mask mandates or lose funding

Florida’s Surgeon General is a Pediatrician

Where in the world is Florida’s surgeon general — a pediatrician, no less — as COVID numbers spike for kids in Florida?

Surgeon general Scott Rivkees must speak up on COVID and kids | Miami Herald

Sarasota becomes first Trump county to defy DeSantis on school masks

After a heated marathon meeting, Sarasota County school officials voted Friday night to require students to wear masks in schools, a blow to Gov. Ron DeSantis that comes in a heavily Republican-leaning region of the state.

Sarasota becomes first Trump county to defy DeSantis on school masksPOLITICOSearchSearchClose

No One Showed Up for Vaccinations

Officials at the St. Charles County Health Department in Missouri said they were disappointed after no one showed up to a mobile Covid-19 vaccination center offering vaccines to those attending a local annual fair this week.

Officials set up a mobile center at a Missouri fair to boost vaccinations. No one showed up.