Yes, Governor DeSantis– GOVERNOR 50 PERCENT– You Failed to Organize Vaccinations!

President Joe Biden’s press secretary said Monday that Florida has used only half of its COVID-19 vaccines from the federal government, noting that the state — where over-65 residents have been struggling to get appointments for the shots — has “a good deal of the vaccine.”

White House rebuts Ron DeSantis’ COVID vaccine criticism | Miami Herald

Many of us know that Gov. DeSantis is a mini-Trump: a liar and an incompetent.

DeSantis @govrondesantis Lies About Vaccination Numbers

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had a made-for-TV moment: A 100-year-old World War II veteran getting a vaccine against the coronavirus. “An American hero,” the governor proclaimed Friday, would be the 1 millionth senior in his state to get a lifesaving shot in the arm.

As it turned out, the assertion was premature, and the Republican governor later walked back the claim, saying instead that the injection was symbolic of the state being on track to hit 1 million doses soon.

State officials acknowledged that it could take a few more days to reach the milestone. DeSantis’ own health department reported that, as of Thursday, fewer than 840,000 seniors had received the shot.

DeSantis says senior the 1 millionth to receive vaccine in state, but wait, not exactly

Many of us heard it but it was a boldface lie. What can you believe he says.

Florida is still in an pandemic leader and at a million vaccines per month it will take more than a year to vaccine Floridians enough.


Race Bias COVID Vaccination South Florida

Of the roughly 138,000 people who have gotten the vaccines in Miami-Dade, just 8,265 — or 6% — identified as Black, according to the latest state data, released Thursday. Excluding the 19,200 or so people who were marked as “unknown” race, that’s still just 7% of the total, compared to the overall portion of Miami-Dade that is black — 16.7%, according to U.S. Census data.

Miami-Dade COVID vaccine numbers show racial divide | Miami Herald

While this evidence refers to South Florida (Miami-Dade and Broward Counties) certainly the same pattern will be throughout the State of Florida. There is no evidence that that Governor or other State authorities have recognized the problem or have taken remedial action.

Can Governor DeSantis @govrondesantis Count? Masking Needed Urgently Too

So far, Florida has administered about 1.2 million of the 2.5 million doses it has received, according to state and federal trackers. Florida health authorities told lawmakers recently the rollout has been stymied by problems with supply and distribution. Florida hospital systems including Cleveland Clinic Florida and Baptist Health this week ceased making appointments for future vaccinations, citing insufficient doses. With vaccines rolling out at a relative trickle, and Florida approaching a COVID death toll of 25,000, Hannan said Florida and all states must redouble emphasis on the basics of wearing masks, safe distancing, and cleanliness, while doing their best to administer the available vaccines under difficult circumstances.

Reality sets in for limited COVID vaccinations in FL: Residents face long waits until new vaccines emerge | Florida Phoenix


Covid Vaccine Distribution Chaos in FL?

The Publix supermarket pharmacies have gotten in the business of giving vaccines and the State of Florida has limited vaccine distribution to some hospitals, especially Baptist Health, which recently cancelled a large number of vaccination appointments.

Hopefully, this does not involve doses of vaccines going to friends of the Governor first and not widely and evenly distributed to major centers of large-scale efficient vaccination.

We look forward to the Federal government taking perhaps a heavier hand in stimulating states to find better, more rapid ways of distribution, including financing Federal vaccination centers. These could be conditions for getting more doses.


The Governor of Florida says that all he needs is more vaccine. Of course, the outgoing Federal government failed to supply, organize, distribute and create mechanisms for large-scale vaccination in a short time. The Governor of Florida has tried to go his own way and we don’t know how much vaccine is distributed fairly: it seems to have been made up all the way by Governor DeSantis.