The CDC mask recommendation is an invitation to anti-vaxers, anti-maskers to continue as is.

Now we can’t trust people without masks unless vaccination can be proven.

Keep wearing a mask.

Now Starbucks, Walmart, others are giving free reign to anti-masking.


I am not a medical doctor or specialist. I derive these ideas by listening to medical experts who also have their doubts about the CDC recommendations.

Vaccination doesn’t protect unvaccinated high risk groups necessarily because they may be susceptible to carriers of mild and asymptotic contagion—USE A MASK FOR HIGH RISK PEOPLE.

Vaccination doesn’t protect the vaccinated completely from coronavirus mild and asymptomatic infections that you can then project to others—USE A MASK TO PROTECT OTHERS.

Are we sure that mild cases of coronavirus might or might not cause long-term health problems for high risk and average risk people, children or others–USE A MASK TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND OTHERS.

There will be numerous people who are not vaccinated and reject masks–USE A MASK TO PROTECT YOURSELF, FRIENDS AND FAMILY FROM THESE PEOPLE.

There is no honor system now as many people ignore the dangers of coronavirus to themselves and others–USE A MASK TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND OTHERS.

Companies like PUBLIX, who do not require masks before the herd immunity is achieved, is promoting the dishonest, the infection of high risk people and children–COMPANIES ARE FAILING PUBLIC HEALTH.


DeSantis COVID-19 Anti-Passport Policy–Hurts Tourism and Business

Many businesses need a carnivores passport style ID in order to effectively do business over the long haul. The cruise line business is one of them. Another is air travel. These alone bring millions of people here to Florida. Local businesses–hotels, beaches and clubs–will feel better with a lot of people with vaccine ID’s. Universities can’t operation without guarantees.

% Vaccination by Latinos –The Lowest


More on Systemic Racism

The Herald interviewed a dozen elected officials from the greater Miami, Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville areas, where FEMA worked with the Florida Division of Emergency Management to establish vaccination sites in March.

All the officials told the Herald that the state did not make early, systematic efforts to advertise the sites. Often local leaders found out about the sites just a week before they opened, leaving them scrambling to develop outreach plans.

FEMA COVID vaccine sites failed Black Floridians | Miami Herald

This is Systemic Racism

While both state and local leaders have blamed vaccine hesitancy in the Black community for low numbers, national polling shows that Black adults are now nearly as willing as whites and Hispanics to get vaccines. Instead,

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ tight restrictions on who could get vaccinated — eligibility criteria that favored age over other risk factors — and the state’s failure to coordinate with local officials to get the word out about the sites contributed to the failure, according to interviews with more than a dozen local elected leaders and public health experts.

FEMA COVID vaccine sites failed Black Floridians | Miami Herald