Green Buffer Hides Doctors Hospital from Neighbors

Green Buffer, Coral Gables Waterway

This photo shows that the Doctors Hospital buildings are completely out of view of the neighbors; and many neighbors have renovated their houses over the years to favor this natural untouched view of the canal.

It is projected that the hospital will eliminate appreciable green areas, thereby, increasing noise, light pollution, views of parked cars and traffic, buildings with lighting, street lighting, disturbing wildlife, decreasing property values….


Environmental Initiatives Statement: City of Coral Gables

The City of Coral Gables recognizes that sustainability must be a key focus of the City’s policies and services, with targeted investments in energy, water and waste efficiency. Creating this sustainable city requires a commitment of leadership and coordination across the organization. Whereas, the City will consider the environmental impacts of its operations, and develop creative and practical solutions that will minimize our ecological footprint. We will integrate sustainability in the places residents and employees live, work and play, and provide the guidance and resources for our businesses and citizens. The City is committed to strategic and comprehensive sustainability planning throughout all departments and divisions. We will design, build and maintain our facilities, parks and streets to the highest of standards that promote efficiency and safety for our residents, visitors and employees. We will integrate technology to monitor and track our environmental investments, and will review our performance and cost savings. We will support businesses and organizations that are aligned with our mission, and foster relationships and opportunities with key institutions. By advancing these local sustainability initiatives, we will improve the environmental, social and economic health of Coral Gables.

City of Coral Gables – Environmental Initiatives


Not testing enough by their own decision to go to full on-campus COVID-19 testing twice a week.

Under ideal conditions all campus should be tested twice a week. And there are come universities who are do the twice weekly procedure.

UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI: President Frenk Doubted

Frenk, who earns nearly $1.9m a year, and university officials are accused of ignoring employees’ requests to work remotely before school started, and, more recently, of manipulating data about incidents of Covid-19 on campus. Preston Taylor Stone, a 25-year-old graduate student who also teaches two introductory composition classes, believes Frenk’s decision-making appears based on his allegiance to the board of trustees and maintaining the financial viability of the university.

The University of Miami is led by an infectious disease expert. So why the fear? | US news | The Guardian

Green Areas Environmental Benefits: Doctors Hospital Parking and Canal

The local canal waterways provide very significant environmental and community benefits along the canal to our residents.

This is especially evidenced along University Blvd in front Doctors Hospital at the corner of Pisano Ave.

The many community benefits of the green areas:

  • Provide wildlife habitat (birds, fish, reptiles, manatees…) diversity
  • Traffic calming and noise mitigation
  • Impeding views of car traffic, valet parking, buses and ambulances
  • Impeding view of Doctors Hospital buildings
  • Mitigate Doctors Hospital lighting
  • Wind and temperature mitigation in storms and hurricanes
  • CO2 capture
  • Favor canal users’ recreational boating and fishing
  • Bolster local property values

Coral Gables Waterway Green Neighborhood Buffer