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This is Coral Gables Canal along University Blvd next to the valet parking lot of Doctors Hospital (lot being owned by but being sold by the City of Coral Gables.

Planning & Zoning Board Votes For Partial Reversing Of Biltmore Section Upzoning With Recommendation To Reverse Entirely – Gables Insider

On Wednesday, December 8th, the Coral Gables Planning and Zoning Board voted unanimously to support the City reversing the upzoning of the Biltmore Section south of Biltmore Way, following the “mistake” that led to its upzoning in February of this year. The Planning and Zoning Board heard from City staff, who admitted a mistake had been made which led to the upzoning of the Biltmore Section from Multi-Family 2 (MF-2) and Multi-Family Special Area (MFSA) to Multi-Family 4 (MF-4).

Planning & Zoning Board Votes For Partial Reversing Of Biltmore Section Upzoning With Recommendation To Reverse Entirely – Gables Insider

Very Impressive Engineering in Miami-Dade County

In April, the company behind the Brightline rail service was finishing up a government contract to build a platform for Tri-Rail trains in downtown Miami when Tri-Rail engineers flagged a “serious construction defect” on the project. The defect: the platform Brightline built was too narrow in some parts to allow a Tri-Rail train to pass by without clipping the steps that form the outer edge of the rail cars.

April report ID’s train problem at Brightline TriRail platform | Miami Herald

Coral Gables Canal/Doctors Hospital Area

Opinion: Open Letter To Coral Gables Residents And Business Owners: Have We Lost Our Minds? – Gables Insider

For over 20 years we, elected officials, city administration and residents, have been part of a discussion about the need to replace our aging parking garages. Much discussion has been had, City Managers have come and gone, elected officials have also gone either by their own choice or by term limits. The possibility of a park, like New York’s Central Park came up, among other ideas. Eventually in 2019 Resolution 2019-96 was passed “allowing the City the opportunity to build a new parking structure…….and granting the staff until October 1, 2022 to break ground.” Why is this important? Because otherwise the project would revert to the developers as part of that same resolution. The City Administration has had since March 26, 2019, to get this project on track. Yes, we were affected by the pandemic, but several times we heard from our City Manager say that the City never really closed, that everything kept going during that time. Why, are we now between a rock and a hard place? Why this project needs to be shoved down our throats without any community input? More questions come to mind, doesn’t the City have to follow our codes and ordinances? Why is this proposed PARKING GARAGE, now labeled MOBILITY HUB, needs variances in order to be built? Did we not hear the staff say that the Craft zoning had to be adjusted not to overshadow the historical San Sebastian? Isn’t the Miracle Theater a historical building? How will the City be able to deny private requests from developers asking for variances to build other structures on or near Miracle Mile that will be compatible to what it is being proposed now? Shouldn’t the City be the first one to follow ALL our codes and ordinances? Will the City be willing to fast track other projects as it’s happening with this one? This is YOUR City, are you going to sit back and allow this mammoth futuristic “Mobility Hub” to be built in our City? Shouldn’t we have a say since we are going to pay for it at least $40 million dollars? Shouldn’t we have community meetings to express our opinions? Are the administration and Commission not interested on listening to what we have to say? Is this building going to be one person’s legacy at any cost? We all need to let them know what our vision is for the City we love. Is it George Merrick’s or Walt Disney’s?

Opinion: Open Letter To Coral Gables Residents And Business Owners: Have We Lost Our Minds? – Gables Insider

City of Coral Gables Sells 2 Parking Lots–Little for Parks

Total revenues two parking lots $7,025,000 (100%)

Revenues for city buildings– Public Safety Building and a Minorca Parking Garage $5,275,000 (75%)

Revenues for park lands and improvements $1,750,000 (25%)


Money for any budget items is highly fungible–more money for any one item frees up money for other uses.

This is just a game of budgetary mirrors.

Money that may have gone for parks before are now free for other non-environmental uses

Or the city knew money was coming for parks so no money was assigned in the original budget, and went for less important items.

Mayor Lago conditioned the sale of the Doctors Hospital parking lot on using the money exclusively for parks.

That has been conveniently forgotten.

Coral Gables City Budget Resolution–Sell Lots Mostly for Public Building Construction and Parking Garages