Coral Gables Mayor Raul Valdes-Fauli disrespects and insults residents — again – Political Cortadito

Coral Gables Mayor Raul Valdes-Fauli got up on the wrong side of the bed again. Valdes-Fauli , whose arrogance and discourtesy drips in acrimony, was particularly rude and ungracious Tuesday at the Coral Gables meeting to discuss the zoning code update (read: rewrite). More so than usual. It all started when someone reminded him how rude he was at the first reading, where he went on a tirade and then stormed out, never to return and listen to the constituents concerns and comments. “No one, no one objected to the mayor’s infantile behavior,” said Leon Kellner, who was fed up with the “utter disdain city government has shown the residents.” He accused city staffers and commissioners alike of mischaracterizing the process with terms like “modernizing, updating and streamlining,” when it was a “wholesale rewrite.” And particularly Commissioner Pat Keon of “continuing the lie. “This is the same person who wants our vote as mayor.”

Coral Gables Mayor Raul Valdes-Fauli disrespects and insults residents — again – Political Cortadito


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CORAL GABLES: Community Organizations Against Zoning Code–LETTER TO AUTHORITIES

Coral Gables Neighbors Association Gables Good Government Committee Historic Preservation Association of Coral Gables Ponce Neighbors Association  

February 6, 2021  

Dear Mayor Valdes-Fauli, Vice Mayor Lago, Commissioners Fors, Keon and Mena:  

On behalf of the members of the undersigned civic organizations, we wish to voice our opposition to the proposals, which the Commission is currently considering, for amending the City’s Zoning Code.  

We petition you to delay voting on adopting any Zoning Code or Land Use amendments until after the upcoming April election or, more appropriately, until after a post-pandemic normalcy returns, which would give the community a meaningful opportunity to fully participate in and contribute to the deliberative process.  

The Reason Why:  

The process used to formulate the proposed amendments to the Zoning Code was flawed because it did not formally provide for adequate or meaningful input from residents during the formulation process.  

After three years of working without an effectively structured methodology for resident inclusion in the deliberative process, the proposal was presented as a fait accompli to the surprise of your constituents, many of whom are members of the undersigned Coral Gables civic organizations.  

Thus far, so-called community meetings have not allowed for adequate input or effective interaction between the Commission and its constituents due, in part, to the very nature of ZOOM gatherings.  

What is further disconcerting is that City staff, the outside consultants, and members of the Commission have failed to provide adequate responses to written requests for information and/or clarification from residents and from the undersigned civic organizations.    


There should be no vote to adopt the pending proposal until the City’s residents have had an opportunity to hear an open debate on this issue between the candidates for Mayor and Commission members during the upcoming election. Once the new Commission is seated, it will hopefully do what should have been done previously – provide a welcoming environment for citizens to participate in the deliberative process — effectively and fully.    

Respectfully yours,  

Coral Gables Neighbors Association Sue Kawalerski, President  

Gables Good Government Committee Thomas Snook, President  

Historic Preservation Association of Coral Gables Karelia Martinez Carbonell, President  

Ponce Neighbors Association Gordon Sokoloff, President

Zoning Code – Important Week for Action – – Gmail

450,000 COVID-19 deaths

Celebrating a New President, New Hopes and New Possibilities, Democracy


Scientists tell us that vaccine distribution is lagging way behind the increase in infections and the appearance of more aggressive infections that replicate faster. Some new COVID variants may be more resistant to existing vaccines.

Listen to the scientist. Speak out. What you are doing by saying you are working hard to get the vaccination out: that is just political cover.


City of Coral Gables to Give COVID Vaccinations: Questions?

I just observe vaccinations Baptist Health.The service was amazing–fast, efficient, great parking, friendly and low stressful and they were through putting 100s of vaccinations per hour, at least.

Question: Do we think that the Coral Gables fire department can compete with this system. Answer: NO.

Question: Wouldn’t you rather that Baptist Health get that vaccine allocation rather than the City of Coral Gables with its likely high cost, less efficient system. Answer: YES.

Question: Will the residents of Coral Gables get preference into local vaccination? Answer: they say NO.

Question: Does it make medical sense that a small municipality get in the business right now of giving vaccinations? Answer: NO. We need fast, large-scale, cost effective vaccination services.

Question: Does the City of Coral Gables getting into the vaccination business sound like a political show? Answer: YES