COVID-19 CRISIS: Some Mayors Are Rational (Miami-Dade)

The mayors of seven Miami-Dade cities on Monday announced new rules requiring people to wear face masks anywhere in public, a response to rising numbers of COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations — a measure they conceded will be tough to enforce. The cities of Miami, Hialeah, Miami Gardens, North Miami Beach, Miami Shores, Aventura, and Key Biscayne will require people to wear masks at all times in public.

Miami-Dade’s largest cities order masks to be worn in public | Miami Herald

COVID-19 CRISIS: Florida, Miami-Dade County “Gets Tough”

The Mayor of Miami-Dade County, Mayor Carlos Gimenez, in a press conference, discussed COVID-19 incidence and mitigation measures. [].

Miami-Dade County is suffering from an increase in infections because of a prior light-touch approach to enforcement. People interpreted the opening as an invitation to return to the old normal.

Some notes from that press conference:

  • The theme was “GETTING TOUGH” by the police on businesses and people who don’t follow proper mitigation measures.
  • The mayor stated that the “Stay at Home” rules are still in force. The should be a surprise for most citizens.
  • Many people are observed not following mitigation measures, including no masks, masks with nose out, no social distancing, resistance to following rules in restaurants and other businesses, playing group sports…
  • It was urged that extended families being together on Fathers’ Day were urged to follow mitigation measures and be outdoors.
  • It was stated that there ware enough ICU beds available, but no criterion for “enough” was stated. What percent of the beds are occupied? More than 70 percent occupied is a measure of “shortage” for planning purpose. We don’t know and numbers are not published.
  • Infections are increasing in a younger population many of which are asymptomatic. This is danger for the whole community, young and old.

COVID-19 CRISIS: Florida Infections Exploding

Enough said–rates have tripled in a few days.

COVID-19 CRISIS: Florida Continues to Rise While Politicians Twiddle

Florida’s Department of Health on Friday morning confirmed 3,822 additional cases of COVID-19, setting another daily total record high since the start of the pandemic. The state now has a total of 89,748 confirmed cases.

FL breaks another single-day record with 3,822 coronavirus cases | Miami Herald

The local politicians, especially Mayor Gimenez of Miami-Dade County and other local mayors, and Governor DeSantis, have failed citizens by not taking COVID-19 serious. They also seem to have taken more seriously the status of business and with indifference to workers seeking unemployment and other benefits.

COVID-19 CRISIS: Forced Labor Politics

The results of current GOP policies is to force workers prematurely back into the work place to the advantage of business, but not of labor.

  • The GOP Senate and POTUS has fought against further recovery benefits for the most needy American families and workers: cutting SNAP benefits, cutting medical insurance benefits, pushing cancellation of Obamacare,
  • Recovery spending has ended up in hands of the largest corporations;
  • Black and brown workers have a unfair share of infections and deaths;
  • State unemployment programs haven’t worked to meet all applicants. A seriously bad example is the state of Florida that has failed to approve many applications.
  • GOP reluctance to increase taxes for the wealthy to pay for the worker benefit programs under the false premise of alleged excessive borrowing by the Federal government;
  • GOP unwillingness to provide substantial funds for states to cover their costs for emergency response, paying for essential workers, implementing mitigation measuring, and making up for lost revenues;
  • Limiting health liability for some corporations forces their workers back to work in the face of the companies’ failure to implement even weak OSHA regulations.

COVID-19 CRISIS: Miami-Dade County Looking Bad

There is strong evidence here that the social and business opening of Miami-Dade County, the City of Coral Gables and the State of Florida has been a failure in mitigating the COVID-19.

In a rush to get business going, and instead of having an effective economic buffer through unemployment insurance and small business loans and subsidies, workers cannot stay at home. This is the fault of government.

It is time to delay reopening or we will be in trouble very soon.

COVID-19 CRISIS: Florida Politicians Ignore Reality

Shows that the COVID-19 cases are rising as testing arises. There were hidden cases that are just being discovered.

Florida politicians at all levels–state, county and municipality–are driven exclusively by political and business interests.

Florida is forcing people back to work against their rights by not paying unemployment benefits.

Florida politicians should be standing and yelling out for people to use masks and follow social distancing now.