Wide View of Green Barrier Doctors Hospital

Doctors Hospital Green Barrier

The green barrier is very dense and cuts off the view of Doctors Hospital to the neighbors. It also reduces noise and adds to the local wildlife that are typical in this area.

Since Doctors Hospital has implemented some aggressive pruning of the barrier there has been an important increase in light contamination to the neighbors.

Systemic Racism as Public Policy and Education

Lessons that deal with critical race theory and the “1619 Project” are not welcome in Florida’s public schools following a State Board of Education vote on Thursday.

At the request of Gov. Ron DeSantis, the board unanimously adopted a rule that, in the words of member Tom Grady, emphasizes historical facts over “fiction, projects or theory masquerading as fact.”

Grady offered an amendment that spelled out critical race theory and the “1619 Project” as examples of two well-known educational approaches that would not be acceptable in classrooms.

Florida rules for teaching history ban critical race theory | Miami Herald

Doctors Hospital: No Green Barrier in 2008

These 2008 images show the Coral Gables-owned municipal parking lot #24 that was leased to Doctors Hospital since the late 1980’s. The lease contract requires that the hospital maintain the landscaping, which should hide the view of the building and sustain a green buffer in the neighborhood. Here in 2008 there was neither.

This is suggestive of what the valet parking lot may look like in the future if not carefully managed and overseen by the City of Coral Gables.

Doctors Hospital 2008

Mike Mena’s Coral Gables land deal looks shady; residents ask for his head – Political Cortadito

Coral Gables Vice Mayor Mike Mena is under fire for his vote last week to sell a city-owned parcel used as a surface parking lot near the Village of Merrick Park to his bosses in a no-bid secret deal that nobody knew was coming. Some residents are asking for his resignation.

“Mena knew he was doing something wrong and tried to cover his tracks,” Coral Gables resident and former U.S. District Attorney Leon Kellner wrote in an op-ed piece published in Community Newspapers and Gables Insider.

“At the commission meeting he blurted out that his vote would not make a difference because he said he knew there were four ‘yes’ votes from the mayor and three other commissioners. That’s uncanny,” Kellner wrote, “given Florida’s strict Sunshine Laws which prohibit commissioners from speaking to each other in private about city business.

“So, how did he know the other commissioners would vote in favor of the sale?”

Mike Mena’s Coral Gables land deal looks shady; residents ask for his head – Political Cortadito

OPINION (Thomas Kennedy): Ron DeSantis Is an Authoritarian

Ron DeSantis increasingly acts like an authoritarian rather than a governor elected by a razor-thin margin of about 30,000 votes. We are seeing the end of a legislative session that can only be described as a direct assault on Floridians.

Republicans in the state legislature passed bills that bully trans kids that want to play sports, criminalize protesting, suppress the right to vote, raised sales taxes for consumers, and blocked raising unemployment benefits for those who are still struggling through the pandemic.

While doing nothing to better the lives of Floridians, DeSantis and his acolytes were busy trying to distract the public by passing a silly and likely unconstitutional bill going after social media companies for “deplatforming” candidates running statewide in the state.

OPINION: Ron DeSantis Is an Authoritarian

Mask rules at Dadeland, Dolphin and other Miami malls | Miami Herald

Now that the CDC says it’s OK for fully vaccinated people to not wear a mask in most places, some South Florida businesses are ending their mandates while others are keeping it for now. But what about malls, filled with stores and restaurants that have different policies? Here’s a guide:

Mask rules at Dadeland, Dolphin and other Miami malls | Miami Herald