1. UM to wipe George Merrick, Fillmore from campus buildings | Miami Herald

Merrick’s history as chair of the Dade County Planning Board sparked a reckoning among students and alumni, who last July sent an eight-page letter to President Julio Frenk asking for Merrick’s name to be wiped from campus buildings. Students sent a letter in the wake of the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, at a time when many other campuses across the country were forced to confront their links to racism.

Merrick’s proposals on the planning board “perpetuated a wealth gap for Black residents and broad inequities in our community that persist to this day,” the school acknowledged in a Monday statement announcing the changes, which included a decision to rename a Frost School of Music rehearsal hall currently named after Henry Fillmore, a composer who used racist caricatures to promote his more popular works.

UM to wipe George Merrick, Fillmore from campus buildings | Miami Herald

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