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Coup attempts

Pro-domestic terrorists

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Anti-birth control

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Pro-guns and mass murders

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Christian nationalists


The super PAC supporting Democrat Andrew Yang’s mayoral campaign in New York City has been funded almost exclusively by finance industry executives who have donated tens of millions of dollars to super PACs that supported President Trump and other national Republicans, according to records from the New York Board of Elections. 

While nearly all of the leading Democratic mayoral candidates are participating in the New York City public campaign financing program, including Yang, super PACs are still allowed to spend independently in support of their campaigns. Ahead of the June 22 primary, the pro-Yang Comeback PAC released its first ad today.

GOP Megadonors Fund Andrew Yang Super PAC – Sludge

This is a marvelous demonstration on how dark money and the super-wealthy can strongly influence the outcome of an election, affect the campaign issues and work against voters by their power over the candidates.

This is why there can be a popular mass wanting to support an issue overwhelmed by private and corporate money.

Coral Gables Neighbors Association Coral Gables Election Runoff Candidates Debate April 21

Here are come of my suggested questions for the candidates.

1.  Coral Gables has a very weak 25% democracy with just that many voters regularly participating in elections. 

To increase participation, would you follow the lead of other towns, such as South Miami, to commit to change the Coral Gables’ election date to coincide with regular November elections? 

2. Tell us what it means to limit overdevelopment, including fixing the associated traffic problems.

3.  Do you think there is evidence of systemic racism in Coral Gables?

4.  The City is selling a leased valet parking lot to Doctors Hospital.   This will cause the loss of a green barrier along the canal and it will authorize  the construction of a parking garage.  

Do you think that selling city land leading to bad environmental impacts and resident losses is a good policy?

Traditional Low Voter Turnout 26.89% in Coral Gables

Coral Gables General Biennial Election Election Date: 4/13/2021 (Website last updated at: 04/16/2021 11:50:46 am)

Registered Voters: 36,016

Ballots Cast: 10,406 Voter Turnout: 28.89%

Precincts Reporting: 24 / 24 Election Day: Completely Reported Early Votes: Completely Reported Vote By Mail: Completely

Reported Results are Official.

Summary Results – Election Night Reporting

Voter suppression runs rampant in the City of Coral Gables.

Humorously, the City of Coral Gables website claims that a turnout of 10,000 of36,000 register voters is great achievement.

Direct, Not Indirect, Collusion of Trump Campaign and the Russians

By itself, the statement that the Trump campaign worked with Russian intelligence is earthshaking. But aside from the information about the exchange of this particular kind of intelligence in 2016, this statement also indicates that the Trump campaign itself was not simply operating in happy if unintentional tandem with Russian intelligence– which was as far as the Muller Report was willing to go– but in fact had an open channel with Russian operatives. That’s a game-changer in terms of how we understand 2016 and, perhaps, the years that have followed it.

Source: Newsletter–Heather Cox Richardson from Letters from an American

Voting is Zealously Discouraged by the City of Coral Gables

Scheduling off-year elections in affect suppresses voter participation and the wider expression of views on important policy and development issues in Coral Gables.

The election issues today are, especially, the extent of overdevelopment, its density, increasing traffic, zoning code changes, annual budgeting and management, the implementation of public security, paying for unfunded pensions…

The overwhelming power of large campaign contributors on a narrow voter base and over residents affected by city policies, limits the valid, fair participation of candidates who advocate change.

Also, because of the election date there are really very few debate and information events for the candidates and the general public (with coronavirus limitations). Paying for TV ads, mail flyers and minimal resident visits are costly.

City commissioners have had multiple opportunities to move the city election date to November to coincide with state and federal elections. Therefore, commissioners themselves are responsible for suppressing the vote to their own favor and reelection and the strong monied interests.

The presence of a feisty opposition critical of commission decisions has been revealed in 2020 and 2021 by the mayor’s then frequent and highly criticized practice of cutting off and insulting residents who spoke against the commission.

This same mayor led a charter review committee a few years back that refused to move the election date.

Editorial board withdraws Coral Gables mayor recommendation | Miami Herald

We recommend Commissioner Pat Keon for mayor. Keon is a two-term commission member, first elected in 2013.

Editorial board withdraws Coral Gables mayor recommendation | Miami Herald