Conflict of Interest and Appearance of Corruption in the Commission of Coral Gables

It may be two years away, but newly-minted Coral Gables Vice Mayor Mike Mena just lost any chance he had to be re-elected in 2023. No, it’s not just because of the condescending matter in which he dismissed resident-driven ideas from newly-elected Commissioner Rhonda Anderson, who proposed amending the zoning code to require approval and notice for “as of right” commercial developments. The Gables Insider correctly called Mena’s arguments mansplaining. It was also pathetic. But the reason he’s not fit for office is because of his shameful and unethical vote to sell city-owned land to his boss. The commission voted unanimously Tuesday to sell a parking lot at 350 Greco Avenue for $3.5 million to JRFQ Holdings, a company registered in Delaware and owned by John Ruiz and former Commissioner Frank Quesada, who also own the company that employ Mena.

Coral Gables Vice Mayor Mike Mena votes to sell city land to his bosses – Political Cortadito

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Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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