COVID-19 CONVERSATION: South Florida Off Track–Don’t Be Fooled

There is pressure to stop and gradually reduce stay-at-home requirement from the business community, people with cabin fever and workers wanting to get a regular check. Clearly, opening of public spaces and businesses is being reflected in a weakening of good social distancing and protection measures such as wearing masks. An increase in contagion, hospitalization and deaths throughout the State the Florida is sure occur–the true cost of opening up is more deaths.

Anecdotal observation evidences a weaken in social distancing with open beaches, people ignoring rational behavior. Miami Beach had a major problem with at parks and beaches occupants not wearing masks and not observing social distances.

The University of Washington Covid-19 model ( has been adjusted for the new trend in many states to increase human interaction by opening public spaces and businesses. Florida, and especially South Florida, will see rising deaths, death rates and coronavirus incidences

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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