Pitbull Politics in Coral Gables

Local politics now fully replicates the methods of national political compaigns with its smears, innuendo and behind-the-back attacks.  Some candidates prefer to confront their opponents through sleazy smear campaigns rather than facing and accusing their opponents openly, perhaps out of fear of the outcome or of an inability to prove the accusations.

This Pitbull Politics is being led by the candidates’ backers (good name, backers) spreading baseless and partial truths or lies about other candidates.  I would like to hear the candidates make their accusations in public, rather in those deplorable mailers.

Pitbull Politics does nothing to improve the quality of life in the city of Coral Gables. Rather it distracts from the deep issues of city budgeting and spending, the need to renegotiate pensions and salaries, taxes and fees, capital spending, the Biltmore lease, Miracle Mile rehabilitation, the Country Club, and the intention of some candidates to continue a model of taxing and spending, ad infinitum.

I guess that is its purpose.

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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