Absentee Ballot Voting Started in Coral Gables

Take note that it is time to send in your ballot.

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Resident of the City of Coral Gables

2 Responses to Absentee Ballot Voting Started in Coral Gables

  1. Mrs Bella Smith says:

    Please, is it possible to write about the SOMERSET SCHOOL with reference to the University Baptist Church
    and its promulgation of a 685 student body which will clog the streets of a ‘residential neighborhood,” lower property values which are relative to city guidelines, while adding to the impact viz-a-viz sewage/garbage, not to mention “toxicity from fumes” from automobiles, (contrary to Coral Gables Zoning Laws) thus adding to those who have compromised lung issues. It will also reduce the effectiveness of “rescue” during delivery/pick-up of the students twice a day as well as the parking, when school events are held, with attending relatives/friends. Please note that the Zoning Board changed the original date to April 27, 2011, post election. Perhaps some research into other proposals in Coral Gables of increase in traffic, such as the International Jaycees building, (2 blocks away) heard from an acquaintance, and the denial of the proposal to purchase by the L’Alliance Francais because it would result in an “increase in traffic.” It would be worthwhile researching while being of benefit to all Coral Gables residents should “Concrete on Grass” eventually be related.
    Thank you
    Thank you

  2. SMcG says:

    This is a highly concerning issue that could give rise to similar serious invasions of our neighborhoods by unrestricted development, which is what we are heading for. It is essential that we keep a close eye on this and mobilize community interest. Thank you for your comment. This website will look into this and welcomes comments and information of others.

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