Coral Gables Can’t Grow Out of its Problems: Where are the Ideas?

Like the economy of the US and the State of Florida, the city of Coral Gables cannot expect to grow out of its problems.  The city needs a new and imaginative approach to clear the deck of long-term financial problems (unfunded pensions, unfunded health benefits, salaries that are too high and grow to fast, weak middle management).  The city needs to develop a plan for the future on which the citizens and residents, businesses and friends can agree.

We need to get over the inertia of a divided or self-serving city commission.  We need fresh, young, innovative management, not those who are still tied to an idea of real estate development as the key to growth.

Hopefully, at least one candidate for mayor or commissioner will come forward with some useful ideas, not platitudes.

Where are the ideas?

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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