Take Note Coral Gables Commissioners: Unpleasant, but Necessary for the Taxpayers

This is probably hurting the firefighter chiefs and officers more than it is hurting the lower ranks.  The upper limit on retirement is unpleasant, but essential.  It is too bad that firefighter unions were so greedy–they are to blame equally with politicians that get us into this stew.

“It’s a very painful time for us,” said Robert Suarez, president of the Miami Association of Firefighters. “Our firefighters are very upset. We are looking at 20 to 30 percent pay cuts. The attendance of the mayor and commissioners would have created a hostile event out of something that is very positive.”

Firefighter salaries were cut between 5 and 12 percent. But after factoring in cuts to other bonuses for education or specialized jobs, union leaders say the actual cuts are more than double. Pensions were also capped at a $100,000 a year payout. The moves were designed to help close a $105 million city budget hole and avoid laying off one-third of the city’s workforce.

via At union’s request, Miami leaders stay away from new fire station – Miami-Dade – MiamiHerald.com.

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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