Leaf Blowers–Less Air Please

Mr. Cabrera introduced an ordinance to prohibit gasoline leaf blowers in Coral Gables.  But the city and its contractors and event organizers are exempted.  Electric-powered leaf blowers are allowed.

Mr. Kerdyk was skeptical that the citizens would think it fair that the city and its contractors should be exempt.

One citizen pointed out that an electrical leaf blower is just as noisy as gasoline blower.  I am inclined to believe that that is right.  (Have you ever used one of those high speed hand dryers in the mall restroom?)  Alternatively, I am also inclined to think that lawn contractors might use small lawnmowers to move around the trash and leaves–almost as noisy.

Certainly, in the face of budget deficits, unfunded pension liabilities, union negotiations and impasse hearings, taxpayers paying higher property taxes and fees, failure of the Biltmore lease, unemployment, declining property values and a new economic development district at the University of Miami, leaf blowers is one of the great pending issues of our time.

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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