Coral Gables Writer’s Letter to the Editor about Taxes

Please read a letter to the editor of the Miami Herald today.  Please note that the writer is from Coral Gables (that wealthy city  the Teamsters, Police and Firefighters’ Union and City Commission think can keep paying more and more taxes).

After studying my notice of proposed property taxes, I must say that county government has lost touch with reality. I know the laws under which officials operate are partially responsible. However, laws can be amended for changing times.

My home value went down 15 percent this year, and yet my proposed taxes have gone up 15 percent. I have less income because of the current financial situation and have had to tighten my belt — whereas our county government appears to be oblivious to the folks who pay their salaries, perks and pensions.

This will not continue indefinitely. We are fed up with the lack of respect for the folks who pay the bills for a bloated government.


via Homeowners say call it what it is — a tax increase – Letters to the Editor –

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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