Working in a Security Bubble: No X-rays Please

Wouldn’t it have been better if the Obama administration had implemented the identity systems proposed by the Bush administration years ago.  We are still working on last year’s threat and we are still buying equipment for that.  Imagine when a bomber carries a device in a body cavity: will we have a colonoscopy before each flight.

Also, an experienced radiologist at Colombia University recently explained that the actual x-ray exposure, while small, is more than 10 times that claimed by TSA. This is bad news for the population of 750 million fliers in the US and people who go through screening 100’s of time a year and years from now will suffer cancer.   The numbers are small but real.

While passengers have no choice but to submit to either the detector or what some complain is an intrusive pat-down, some senior government officials can opt out if they fly accompanied by government security guards approved by the TSA.

“Government officials traveling with federal law enforcement security details are screened at airports under a specialized screening protocol, which includes identity verification,” Kimball said. This allows the officials to skip the airport security checkpoints.

via TSA: Some gov’t officials to skip airport security – National Business –

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