Miami-Dade Police Chief Might Better Supervise His PR Department

A day after prosecutors dropped their case against the suspect in a series of cat killings, Miami-Dade’s top cop said he supports the decision.  It is my understanding that the decision on prosecuting a crime does not reside with the police department, but clearly its opinion is of some interest.  However, citizens should take no interest whatsoever in that opinion.  That is why we have legal departments.

The story heading should read:  “The Police Chief Disagrees with his PR Department.”  That is the only story here.

“Regardless of the circumstantial evidence in this case, the scientific evidence does not provide a sufficient platform for a rigorous, good-faith prosecution,” Miami-Dade police director James Loftus said in statement issued on Thanksgiving Day morning.

Loftus’ comments differ in tone from an earlier statement issued by the Miami-Dade media relations office on Wednesday after the decision to drop the case against Tyler Weinman, 19, was publicly announced. Weinman had been charged a year ago with allegedly killing 19 cats in South Miami-Dade.

via Miami-Dade police director Loftus supports decision to drop cat killer case – Miami-Dade –

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