Recommended: “Transit Miami” on the FDOT

Any “idiot” (I guess, including FDOT designers) could have driven along Brickell Avenue downtown and have known that this is the most pedestrian and bicycle unfriendly area in the county (I personally think it is also auto-unfriendly).  Fortunately, we have people like the writer of Transit Miami who have take the effort to mobilize the community.

Herein lies the problem with FDOT. Why does it take an entire community to beg for overdue improvements?  Shouldn’t FDOT have been proactive and taken the initiative to introduce improvements from the beginning? Why didn’t FDOT reach out to the community to get their input?

Together we will make a difference on Brickell Avenue, but only because so many people are directly affected by this poorly designed road.

via FDOT is Broken. How Do We Fix It? | Transit Miami.

This same culture of having to beg the government for change (without many results) applies to the city government of Coral Gables.

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