Coral Gables: Ethics in Government–Illinois politics is a wake up call

The prospect that the ex-Governor of the State of Ilinois is convicted and jailed for corruption brings home to the citizens and authorities of the City of Coral Gables the lesson that government should be run impeccably without the slightest suggestion of corruption or incompetent management. A series of events have brought me and the citizens of Coral Gables to believe that management changes need to be made.

Too much corruption and mismanagement have become widely evident in Coral Gables government. The (resigned, not fired by the City Commission) ex-City Manager Brown shamefully departed early because of a claim of abuse against him by a female staff person, and he was found guilty of falsifying receipts. A procurement officer has charged staff in the City of illegal procurement procedures. Charges have been presented to State and County government authorities and police. A recently hired procurement chief resigned after one day on the job and after meeting with the offended procurement officer. Also, the City Attorney has had to hire a personal lawyer to represent her in an ethics case. Evidence has been found of unregistered contracts and payments to consultants.

These add up to the tip of an iceberg.

(See numerous recent articles in the Coral Gables Gazette on these and related subjects.)

About Stephen E. McGaughey
International consultant in financing development programs and projects

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