Corruption, Fraud and Maladministration in the City of Coral Gables: A Faithful Perspective

Thanks to the Miami Herald for faithfully portraying in a major article on their front page these last three years of public fraud, maladministration, political failures and corruption in Coral Gables. This history brings great embarrassment and shame to the City Commissioners and Mayor and to the residents who have stood and accepted the management style of Mr. Brown and the many revealed failures of our government. The City Commissioners failed to remove the city manager Brown well within the time that evidence of him admitting to fraud. Only when he was charged with sexual harassment by a city employee did the City Commission finally got him to resign, rather than firing him on the spot. This feckless behavior is hard to understand given the extent of many serious problems as follows:

• The city manager who had a fling with the mayor’s secretary and indulged in fancy steak and red-wine lunches on the taxpayers’ tab, and then, when caught, tried to cover it up.

• A lawsuit-wielding, wire-wearing whistle- blower.

• Sex in the office at public works. Cocaine and ghost employees at building and zoning.

Anything else? Oh, yes: the new purchasing director who quit on her first day on the job, apparently after the whistle-blower filled her in on the juicy tidbits.

About Stephen E. McGaughey
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