Mr. Volsky Dredges Up More on Ex-City Manager Brown

Mr. George Volsky, the persistent, dogged critic of the City Commission, the Mayor and the Administration of the City, writing for the Coral Gables Gazette states:

…City Hall critics allege, that under Brown and the “see-and-hear-nothing city commission Coral Gables become a “Lawless Banana City?” Still, serious questions remain: why had Finance Director Don Nelson cut 24 Tew-Cardenas $5,000 checks without the Purchasing Orders, as city procurement regulations mandate? Was Nelson ordered to pay by Brown, his old pal? How did Brown and Tew-Cardenas connect, and who knew about it?

That Sansores, Nelson’s top assistant, located only one Tew-Cardenas check, while the Gazette has the record of 12, indicates Finance Dept.’s disarray, as well as the uselessness of Eden, the costly “electronic baby” of our Information Technology department.

Expensive as Brown’s misdeeds were, the costliest is yet to come. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission advised Coral Gables that former Mayor Don Slesnick’s administrative assistant Olga Garcia would shortly submit documents supporting her Brown sexual harassment allegation. Avoiding a public trial, as commissioners certainly will do, could cost the taxpayers $2 million, possibly much more.

Even should these accusations be half right certainly evidences that there are too many unresolved questions about the competency of the management of the City government authorities that need to be cleared up.

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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