A New Agenda for Coral Gables

Here is my agenda for the city of Coral Gables.  This is based on the principle that citizens, taxpayers and residents should be consulted regularly about the financial future of the city.  The city manager and commission should regularly should report to the our citizens and get feedback (however, uncomfortable that might be).   The Agenda should involve transparency, not a culture of secrecy, that now prevails in the city.  Yes, while this may sound a little idealistic, it is something that a different mayor and commission might seriously consider.
  • Prepare and discuss with citizens a  NEW AGENDA for the City of Coral Gables to face the major pending problems, such as unfunded benefits, taxation, staffing and organization;
  • The City Manager should routinely report to taxpayers on progress on the budget and organizational changes;
  • The city needs a new Code of Ethics for staff, management and leaders;
  • Change the election dates for Coral Gables to coincide with national and state elections.
  • Prepare and publicly discussion a long-range financial plan for the City of Coral Gables
  • Target a freeze and/or reduce actual amount of taxes paid by citizens (not millage rates) during the next three years;
  • Accelerate a plan of reducing pensions and health benefits, especially for firefighters and police;
  • Prepare a plan and publicly discuss how to reduce unfunded pension liabilities during the next five to ten years;
  • Have a community town hall meeting at least twice a year to discuss the budget and other current issues;
  • Develop a realistic and flexible agreement with the Biltmore that protects the taxpayers not just now, but in the coming years;
  • Undertake a review of financial mechanisms and the defective EDEN system to establish a modern, functional accounting of spending and revenues;

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

One Response to A New Agenda for Coral Gables

  1. whatsup says:

    Your agenda seems quite feasible, the only point that in reality may not be feasible is the freeze or reduction of taxes, not millage for three years, but who knows, it may happen.

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