Miami Herald Picks Phantom Candidate

The recommendation of the Miami Herald of Mr. Rene Alvarez for commissioner is astonishing.  Nothing is known about him (perhaps the Miami Herald does know him) nor were his views that impressive in the recent debates, as he pretty much followed the line of all the candidates by favoring 401k’s, government efficiency (the city manager is in charge of government efficiency), etc.

That the MH considers Messrs. Rosenblatt and Quesada to be viable candidates is even stranger.

One my only guess that the MH was very strongly against Mr. Sanabria who they don’t even mention.  Similar to the Herald’s Managing Director’s  role in the recent candidate debate at UM, the Miami Herald is taking an unmitigated pro-business, pro-Chamber of Commerce position, leading to a pro-Miracle Mile/Giralda Streetscape view.  There is not much to offer the taxpayers in these recommendations for commissioner.

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15 Responses to Miami Herald Picks Phantom Candidate

  1. Robert Burr says:

    Yes, surprising choice indeed. He may in fact be the best candidate, who knows? But he remains largely unknown to voters in Coral Gables.

  2. GablesPerson says:

    Why isn’t Quesada viable? He raised a lot of money. He has support. He’s young, but why is that bad?

  3. whatsup says:

    Agree, but, Vote splitting may be the answer to the astonishing endorsement. Simply put, and it has been done many, many times in the past, if you endorse a candidate who, prior to your endorsement had absolutely no chance of a win, you may, by your endorsement, take away votes from the candidate that is in the position to beat your chosen candidate. In this case, IMHO, the endorsement was aimed at taking votes away from the one candidate that can beat the Herald’s real pick,, not the one they endorsed publicly.\
    Vote Splitting at its best.\
    Same in Mayoral race, endorse a candidate publicly, when in reality your real pick, the incumbent, will benefit from votes going away from the one candidate that posed a threat to your pick, based on your endorsement.
    Too weird, not plausible, exaggerated,,,? think again, done all the time. Herald’s agenda has been on the table from the start as well as the Chamber’s. But, this time the Coral Gables voters are not in the least bit impressed, on the contrary/

  4. Just Sayin' says:

    No doubt, the Herald supports Rosenblatt, but couldn’t do it publicly, given their candidate’s scummy past. Next best thing – endorse a Hispanic guy that will siphon votes from Quesada. A joke!

  5. whatsup says:

    The votes were meant to be siphoned IMHO not from Quesada, but from Sanabria,

  6. Just Sayin' says:

    I like Sanabria, but he’s yesterday’s news. We need to consolidate our votes behind Quesada or else the crook is going to win.

  7. whatsup says:

    Quesada is not the 2011 man, hes the next time around guy. 2011 vote consolidation is definitely on Sanabria, only one that can do it, or like you said, the Crook may win.

  8. TheIT says:

    Just exactly how is Quesada better than Sanabria? Is Quesada a businessman? An economist? A person who handles $120 million in revenues a year ?reading from flyer I got yesterday) or Chair of Doctors Hospital Foundation? Is that yesterday? or is it today? Look, I would have voted for Quesada as all others are definitely flawed but Sanabria outclasses the field. Sorry, maybe next time

  9. Just Sayin' says:

    Ummm, to my knowledge Quesada hasn’t filed for bankruptcy or lost in a prior election. Two very relevant facts when deciding on which one should designated as The Crook Killer.

  10. fr says:

    I agree, he is exactly what we need. Has experience, the right age with energy, dedicated to finding solutions for the City’s problems rather than asking for money for fundraising from special groups. It takes votes not money wasted on ridiculous adds. My hats to Rene since we are recovering from a financial troubled economy and he is not asking for monjey just to win. He was contacted by many and could raise over $100,000 in a week, but decides to win on his merits, experience, values and solutions-my choice…

    The MH finally made a great choice with Rene. They see exactly what I and many others experience when speaking with him. He has solutions and experience in government. He can pick up a phone and have any situation handled within in seconds. His phonebook includes a wish list of any individual that can resolcve a problem in minutes- Governors, Mayors, President, Commissioners and their staff. Talk about someone who can resolve everything. The best choice.

  11. JM says:

    You would amazed of the many people that know Rene Alvarez. They include: Javier Marques Chief of Staff Office of the Preseident FIU, Chairman Commissioner Joe Martinez, County Commissioners Rebecca Sosa, Jose Diaz, Sally Haymen, Carlos Gimenez and Katty Sorenson. County Directors Alina Hudak, Fire Chief and Police Director, Henry Solis and Tony Ojeda. Gables Commissioners Kerdky and Cabrera, Hialeah Mayor Robaina and JC Bermudez from Doral and his Manager Yvonne Soler. Village of Key Biscayne Manager Chip Igleaias. State Rep Jose Pepi Diaz, Eric Fresin and Zapata. State Senator Rene Garcia and Miami Dade School Board Member Carlos Curbelo. Mami Lakes Councilman Nelson Hernandez.Gables PD Majors Hudak and Massington.

    Within the business community: George Foyo Baptist Health, Corey Heller Baptist Health ,Frank Nero Beacon Council, Jorge Sarria Chamber of Commerce, Armando Codina and Rafael Rodon Flagler Development, Marcio Cabrera MBF Healthcare Partners, Richard Stacey New Riviera Nursing Home and Alfredo Mesa Marlins Foundation. Jose Mas and Albert De Cardenas from Mas Tec. Alberto Mascaro from Voice of America, Freddy Balsera from Balsera Communications and Octavio Verdeja from Verdeja and De Armas CPA, Pedro Freyre from Akerman Senterift, Benjamin Leon Jr and Carlos Nunez from Leon Medical Center.
    Dr(s) Eugene Schiff and Jay Skyler UM-JMH, Dr Santiago Desolo and Dr Weitz. Dr JC Verdeja. Frank and Carlos Rosell. Jorge Del Rosal Bacardi and Henry Martell Martell GMC. Multiple member of the Kiwanis of Little Havana. State Farm Agents Gus Figueredo and Mario Obregon. Gene Marini Tenet Health and Raul Mendez Dade Medical College. Augustin De Goytisolo Gibraltar Bank and Danny Diaz Professional Bank. Carlos Musibay Penn Mutual and Carlos Saladrigas. The list goes on and on when you ask him. Eddy Avila and Alfred Martinez Key Realty. Pam Giganti Channel 4 news and Luis Aguiire Channel 7. Contact him yourself or ask someone you know- they all know him and will agree he is the best choice.

  12. SMcG says:

    Problem #1. The voters don’t know him.

  13. whatsup says:

    Not having had a bankrupcty or lost a prior election does not a good commissioner make. It makes him young, inexperienced and a good future candidate.

    Any of the forerunners can provide a much longer list of who’s who that knows him, after all, Miami is still a little town where everyone in business or public office has or will know each other., the length of the list does not a good commissioner make.

  14. Just Sayin' says:

    It’s all about ELECTABILITY!…Sanabria has too much baggage – bankruptcy and a loser of a prior election. Again, I think he would be a good commissioner, but the one with the best chance…is Quesada. It’s time to unite!

  15. whatsup says:

    I respectfully disagree., Unite yes, but under Quesada, no.

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