My Summary: Candidates for Mayor, Candidate Forum of the Chamber of Commerce (3)

This is a pretty highly summarize view of what was said.  See Coral Gables TV for this event.

Korge:  favors Miracle Mile project, better sidewalks and drainage, better streets; for pension reforms, favors defined benefit 401(k), will negotiate hard with unions and go to impasse;  will defend a strong Biltmore negotiation; says has a plan to hold down taxes, promote business focusing on finances and pensions.  Emphasis key is his experience of 10 years on CGs boards and living 21 years here.  He will be active and aggressive vis-a-vis city management and policies.

Cason:  Highly critical of the mayor; concern with improving efficiency of government; will hold the line on taxes, favor promoting international business in CGs;, do business want it, revitalize; favors fixing pensions; claims that for Biltmore problem we don’t have the information;  will favor regular meetings with citizens on problems of the city;  will push management to urgent solutions.  Emphasizes his international diplomatic and management experience.

Slesnick:  Favors Miracle Mile project, voted to move forward on project and is waiting for the final concept; on pensions won’t apologize for working with labor; biltmore negotiations are underway and can be resolved;  he works on a day to day basis to solve city problems;  our reserves have grown to $6 million;  emphasizes basically his job over the last ten years and he will continue for the next two years–if you are satisfied with the last ten years, he asks for your support.

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One Response to My Summary: Candidates for Mayor, Candidate Forum of the Chamber of Commerce (3)

  1. Robert Burr says:

    “if you are satisfied with the last ten years, Slesnick asks for your support.”

    That says it all. Pathetic decade of shame and modiocre leadership under Slesnick.

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