Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum: Selling the Miracle Mile & Giralda “Streetscape” Project (1)

The event was a slow starter as people filled the auditorium to about half full or so.   The candidates were initially seated by Commission group No. 4 and 5.  The mayoral candidates were treated in a separate session.  The auditorium was partially filled for this event and the candidates circulated freely beforehand.  I would call this a disappointing turn out, although the event will be shown on Coral Gables TV.

This was not a politically neutral forum in one sense of the word:   the Chamber of Commerce used the event to sell the financing of the Miracle Mile & Grialda Streetscape Project.  I believe the promises of the Chamber of Commerce are still to be shown whether the rehabilitation of Miracle Mile and Giralda (new narrower street, wider sidewalks, less on-street parking) will be paid for by businesses mainly, additional tax revenues and “$250,000” already in the budget, and some money from Miami-Dade County.

I think that the implication that this project is nearly free for taxpayers is an error.   There seems to be plenty of people that have doubts about this project.  Some wonder about the final cost of the projects, the time it will take to construct, the cost to businesses and whether there are other smaller scale alternatives.

For those interested in the so-called Miracle Mile & Giralda Streetscape Project see

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

2 Responses to Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum: Selling the Miracle Mile & Giralda “Streetscape” Project (1)

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