Plan for Charter Reform Needs Real Mayor (“Braman for Mayor”)

If you haven’t seen this in today’s Miami Herald, “vale la pena” read this letter on plans to improve the charter, a plan that is not a radical change, but a step toward modernization of a failed political system in Miami-Dade.

A few weeks ago, Norman Braman and I prepared and released a proposed “Covenant with the People of Miami-Dade County” that outlined eight specific ideas for charter reform. The notion of calling it a “covenant” was to signal that we believe the people are tired of political “promises” made by candidates for office — which are seldom kept after they are elected. Almost every candidate to replace Alvarez has expressed a general commitment to “charter reform,” but this “people’s revolution” should not be placated by generic political rhetoric. The voters of Miami-Dade need to insist on specific commitments to specific reforms and to do so in a manner that ensures accountability. We need any candidate who aspires to be our next strong mayor to covenant with the people for meaningful charter reform.

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About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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