We’ve Heard this Before? Good Luck, Governor

One may suppose that these efforts are mutually exclusive:  cut the budget, justify the money spent, cut taxes, help business expand, cut corporate and property taxes, pay for medicaid, pay pensions (already well funded by the state), all simultaneously.  Sound like an unattainable wish list if tax revenues fail to grow enough.

[Scott]…wants to place a freeze on new business regulations. He wants to phase out corporate income tax over the next seven years and  cut property taxes by nearly 20 percent. He also wants to expand Florida’s K-12 vouchers and charter schools.

Scott wants to solve Florida’s $3.5 billion  budget  deficit and will ask all  state agencies  to justify all the money they spend. He wants to save $1.4 billion  annually on Florida’s public employee pensions by requiring greater  worker contributions to the funds  and  by placing new workers into the 401(k) retirement plans. He wants  to cut Florida’s budget all the way back to its 2004 baseline.

via Florida government workers may have to contribute more to their pensions – Miami Labor Relations | Examiner.com.

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