Ethanol Subsidies are Good for Cutting

Except for being good for the pockets of farmers in Iowa, ethanol is bad for gas motors, consumers and taxpayers. Also, politicians who seek votes in the corn belt, including Mr. Obama, continue to support this  irrational subsidy for ethanol.

It is now conceivable that the myth of ethanol as the salvation for America’s energy problem is coming to an end. And maybe we always should have known it would wind up in italics, underlined, with the real facts of the damage ethanol can do to gas-powered motors laid out for all to see in a court of law.

via End the Ethanol Insanity: Ed Wallace – BusinessWeek.

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One Response to Ethanol Subsidies are Good for Cutting

  1. Sean O'Brien says:

    What is it going to take to end this kind of stuff?

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