No Cutoff County Manager Says–But Really Cutoff

In other words, Miami-Dade Transit MDT cannot be trusted.  But I guess we have seen multiple demonstrations of corruption, incompetence and inefficiency in the county government.  Does that remind you of any other local governments?

Now the MDT will have to spend the money first and then try to justify the spending to the FTA.   They don’t trust the MDT and the MDT has “serious accounting deficiencies.”  How can the country manager try to misrepresent the situation so easily?

“Contrary to erroneous reports in local media, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has not suspended payments to Miami-Dade Transit (MDT),” Burgess’ memo to commissioners said.

“Rather than drawing those funds through a web-based system known as Electronic Clearing House (ECHO), MDT will receive money through a manual process on a reimbursement basis,” the memo said.

FTA said late Wednesday it was unlikely Miami-Dade Transit would be able to withdraw funds manually either.

“It is accurate that under FTA’s suspension procedure, Miami-Dade Transit could still receive FTA funds through the submission of extensive documentation,” said Brian Farber, FTA associate administrator. “However, since these improprieties involve serious accounting deficiencies involving federal funds and farebox collections, the FTA will not be considering any such requests until extensive corrective actions are taken.”

via Burgess: No cutoff of U.S. funds – Broward –

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