Please Face Economic Reality Coral Gables: A Note From a Taxpayer

More views for us that we are years away from reducing unemployment [these are the people that consume things], from a recovery in housing and from rising property values [also, years ahead, if at all].  Will the city government of Coral Gables, its commissioners and city manager face economic reality, or will they continue to hit taxpayers with ridiculous annual tax increases [of course, Miami-Dade county is worse and its mayor may soon find out about citizen unhappiness].

It could take years for the millions of people once employed by the housing industry — from construction workers to real estate agents — to find new careers or return to their former careers when and if a strong housing market returns.

I think we also have a bubble in the labor market for state and local government employees,” he said, “and over the next two years we might see as many as one million of these employees lose their jobs.”

via Some Very Creative Economic Fix-Its –

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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