Thank You, Mr. Slesnick, Posted–Boy Scouts Not Welcome

The city of Coral Gables has taken a typical lawyer’s response to a little problem–threaten the nuclear option by bullying the Boy Scouts.

The city authorities, instead of handing big city issues like the Biltmore lease mismanagement by the city manager, used a contract lawyer to send a letter to the Boy Scouts at the last minute before a proposed meeting at the Boy Scout House.

Also, it is my understanding that the Boy Scout House was donated to the them by George Merrick’s Company  and that there is a probable dispute between the Boy Scouts and the city over the actual  ownership of the House.

Should we celebrate the 100 years of Mr. Merrick’s house be foreclosing on the Boy Scouts?  It think not, but who knows in these times of elections, bad budgets, high taxes and institutional failures of the city.

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

One Response to Thank You, Mr. Slesnick, Posted–Boy Scouts Not Welcome

  1. Robert Burr says:

    Here’s a civic lesson for the scouts: less than honorable leaders will use any means to attack their perceived enemies without consideration for the collateral damage inflicted. While smiling in public, city officials under the leadership of the “honorable” Don Slesnick are not beyond declaring all out war on their critics by invoking the powers of the city manager’s office, the city attorney and any other department that might inflict pain and suffering. Here are your vocabulary words for this week kids: despicable, shameful and appalling.

    Next civics lesson: only registered and active voters can change the way we run our city when election time comes around next April in Coral Gables.

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