No One Really Wants to Cut Spending, Just Taxes

This explains pretty much a pattern for both political parties–calling for spending cuts, but never the political sensitive programs.  This means that it will be very hard for the parties to get together to overcome unemployment and make a long-term plan to draw down the deficit.

…despite their professed commitment to cut government spending, most Republicans in Congress refuse to propose specifics that would actually cut spending in any significant way. Recognizing the extreme unpopularity of cutting Social Security and Medicare, and the aversion of their base to military cuts, these self-styled fiscal conservatives often take entitlement and defense spending off the table, removing nearly 60 percent of the federal budget from scrutiny. Of the remaining spending, another sizable portion goes to debt payments — which are untouchable — and most Republicans also take homeland security and other security spending off the table, leaving only a small fraction of the total federal budget from which to find cuts.

Despite this stark reality, Republicans still try to claim the mantle of fiscal responsibility, and are forced to fumble, hem and haw when pressed on how they would actually cut spending.

via ThinkProgress » Pawlenty Inadvertently Explains How House Republicans Are ‘Lying To You’ About Spending Cuts.

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