Two Resignations Today: School Reformer Michelle Rhee (DC) and City Attorney Elizabeth Hernandez (Coral Gables)

Rhee made a serious attempt at reforming education in Washington, DC; and Hernandez is leaving a highly debatable legacy in Coral Gables.

Rhee’s goals – higher student achievement, better teachers and greater accountability for their classroom performance – were generally shared by Rhee’s predecessors. But with new powers putting the struggling school system under mayoral control, Rhee pursued the goals with an unprecedented zeal.

She closed more than two dozen schools, fired teachers by the hundreds and spent more than two years negotiating a labor contract that gives principals new control over teacher hiring while establishing a new performance-pay system that ties compensation to growth on student test scores.

via D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee to announce resignation Wednesday.


Source re resignation of city attorney:  see George Volsky (article received via email), CITY ATTORNEY RESIGNS,  Oct. 12

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