Baptist Health a Poor Loser?

See my post on the University of Miami agreement.  As a neighbor of the area, the recent approval process for the UM long-term master plan always had the feeling of being rushed through, although the city government followed all of its regulations and there were no secrets of approval.  The agreement included a 200,000 square foot health center ( hospital) and it was discussed in public.  It was included in the master plan and Commissioner Kerdyk briefly questioned the calculations for parking.

It is my understanding that the city has a number of built in controls and oversight of the development and traffic monitoring of the commercial-like area of UM along Ponce de Leon.  The BankUnited Center capacity will be expanded and almost certainly a hotel will be constructed in the area.

Some neighbors are convinced, and I heard this from several neighbors citizens, that this  development district extension in UM was approved fearing that the proposed Constitutional Amendment 4, if approved by voters, would require the citizens of Coral Gables to approve each and every master plan modification.

Presumably, Baptist Health bought Doctors Hospital assuming that they would have a local, let’s call it, advantage, because of its location in the center of Coral Gables.  Also, the new health center would compete directly with South Miami Hospital.

Let’s hope that a little competition will be good for Baptist Health, neighbors and students and staff at the university.

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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