Are the Commissioners in the same Family as the Employees?

Thanks to reporting by the Miami Herald we have learned that the City Commissioners have not taken a reduction in their pension accumulation factor of 3 percent during their first ten years of service.  Why wouldn’t the City Commissioners lead the way by reducing their own pension factor to the same as the general employees.  Should they think they are in the same family as the employees?  Commissioners still haven’t shown enough toughness in handling budget, pensions and other benefits (especially health care benefits).

According to the ordinance, the multiplier for non-union pensions would decrease like this:

• Managers, who include commissioners, would keep the 3 percent multiplier for their first 10 years of service. In subsequent years, the multiplier would be reduced to 2.25 percent for every year of service.

• Professionals and supervisors, would have a 2.5 percent pension multiplier for the first 10 years of service, and then a 2.25 percent multiplier for subsequent years of service.

• Commissioners will decide in a few weeks whether or not to change the multiplier for “appointed” employees, such as City Attorney Elizabeth Hernandez and City Clerk Walter Foeman. Salerno does not belong to the non-union pension plan.

via Coral Gables OK’s pension cuts for employees and managers – Coral Gables –

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