Improving the City of Coral Gables: Information for the Citizen

The National League of Cities has a great set of documents that provide good practices and guidelines to help improve the operations of cities, small and large.  The National League of Cities publishes “City Practice Briefs” and “Municipal Action Guidelines” that distill good practices, experiences and effective ways of strengthening local government.  Some of these briefs and guides are very relevant to Coral Gables and useful for the interested citizen.

City Practice Briefs provide a selection of city practices and programs on specific topics to assist municipal officials faced with decisions. Each City Practice Brief provides a summary of five to ten city programs along with contact information and is designed to facilitate networking.

Municipal Action Guides provide helpful background information on various topics in a concise format intended to offer guidance to municipal officials faced with decisions.  Each Municipal Action Guide is designed to identify a current challenge, outline strategies for addressing the challenge, list action steps that can be taken, include examples of effective city practices and programs, and identify other resources that are available.

via City Practice Resources | About Cities | National League of Cities.

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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