Biltmore–the Coral Gables Taxpayers Pay Again

It is worth reading this morning’s article in the Miami Herald about the Biltmore Hotel not wanting to pay rent to the City of Coral Gables.  It is said that the amount owed is $2.5 million, but this is wrong because the Biltmore wants to pay less now and in the foreseeable future and the City has yet to see an audit of Biltmore’s books, so certainly $2.5 million is a small number counting the future payments (if any).  We are not even sure about the other numbers cited by the Herald because of the lack of an audit.

This is another case of the taxpayer paying for the City’s elite’s mistakes.  Do we have to be reminded about a new city building be torn down, the (members only ) Coral Gables Country Club wasted away at taxpayers’ expense, blind approval of outrageous salaries and pensions of police, fire and administrative personnel, and continuing subsidization of cultural places (Museum and Art Theater) and events (run for the benefit of the Commissioners’ old friends and spouses).  This paints a sad picture in which the Commissioners are insensitive to taxpayers needs in times of this Great Recession.

Many people do use or cannot afford the Biltmore Hotel and these taxpayers will pay for the mistakes of the City administrators and the Biltmore Hotel.

About Stephen E. McGaughey
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