Budget and Taxes Again–2010-2011

We are back to the annual budget cycle of the City of Coral Gables.  It is certain that the process by the City Commissioners will look something like this:

  • There will be a lot of talk from the City Manager about eliminating jobs, but these jobs will mostly be for low paying staff, and no hint of reducing senior staff or deep reorganizations of one or more offices;
  • It is said that City capital spending will be reduced (although that could have been done last year before all of the spending on the Museum);
  • The City Commissioners will repeat in chorus, “We can’t touch public security”, even though one of the big groups of overpaid, high pension employees are police and fire workers;
  • Mr. Kerdyk will go through a period of public suffering and anguish while trying to decide on an increase in taxes (he will be the crucial vote to increase taxes), Mr. Cabrera will stand for “no more taxes” and Commissioners Anderson, Withers and Mayor Slesnick will stand firm for the “quality of life” (meaning more taxes at any cost);
  • Numerous taxpayers will testify in public before the Commission that we, the taxpayers, can’t resist more taxes because of the recession (of course, to no avail); and why hasn’t the City fixed it well known staffing, Biltmore payment, pension problems; and then
  • The City Commission will pass larger fees and more taxes.

With this the annual political play ends here.

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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