Perfect Boiled Eggs (A Break from Serious Stuff)

Some less than serious information, except for the committed cook.


Perfect Boiled Eggs Recipe

Want to go straight to the kitchen? Here’s the recipe for Perfect Boiled Eggs.

via The Food Lab: Perfect Boiled Eggs | Serious Eats.

Enjoy Oval Office Redecoration

Enjoy the detailed pictures of Obama’s redecorated office.  Not bad!

BBC News – In pictures: Oval Office redecoration.

The Rich Coral Gables Police Sergeant and the “Surprised” Vice Mayor Kerdyk

Thanks to Jackie Bueno Sousa of the Miami Herald. We ask how is it possible that Mr. Kerdyk was really surprised after serving on the Commission for many years and approving many, many budgets–clearly he was not serviing the interest of the Coral Gables’ citizens.

In Coral Gables, Vice Mayor Bill Kerdyk recently told The Miami Herald he was surprised when he heard about a police sergeant who made $81,000 a year, but comp time and annual leave boosted the pay to $164,000 a year before the officer retired. The higher salary was factored into the sergeant’s pension, allowing him to get $125,000 a year for the rest of his life.

Such is the need to change the pay system. Let the employees and union beware. It is time for them to give back to the Coral Gables’ taxpayers.