Police Training (So-called)

With Black men being shot every week, if not every day, can police be trained to stand back and see what is going on before shooting.

Police are trained to shoot to kill, and then ask questions.

Cities like Coral Gables are likely to be caught in a national tragedy and reputation-destroying (at the least), event.

A task for the City Commissioners.

POLICING IN AMERICA: Significant Public Policy Proposals

I am citing very important documents on reforming, reorganizing and restructuring police in America.

Re-imaging Public Safety: Prevent Harm and Lead with the Truth [https://policingequity.org/images/pdfs-doc/reports/Reimagining_Public_Safety.pdf]

The President’s Task Force on 21ST Century [https://cops.usdoj.gov/pdf/taskforce/taskforce_finalreport.pdf]

POLICE REFORM: New York State Reform and Reinvention (from Gov. Cuomo)

A big step forward. Take note other states, counties and cities.