Basic Economics of Trade Agreements (Krugman)

The case for free trade is about microeconomics, about raising efficiency. There’s no particular reason to think that trade liberalization is good for fixing problems of inadequate demand. I mean, you learn in Econ 101 that aggregate spending is Y = C+I+G+X-M; that is, consumer spending, plus investment spending, plus government purchases, plus exports, minus imports. Trade liberalization raises X, but it also raises M. For any individual county it can go either way; for the world as a whole it’s a wash, since total exports equal total imports.

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Cuba’s MIlitary Dictatorship–A Lost Reform

Even the Chavez model seems neoliberal compared to the CubanMilitary-Based Economy.  The Cuba’s will not find much solace in these so-called “reforms.”  Sad but true for those who might have had some hope that there would be changes–I guess not in our lifetime

Raúl Castro’s consolidation of his position as successor to his brother Fidel confirms that his Cuba will give the military domestic hegemony, which makes any serious political or economic opening in the near future seemingly impossible. The Cuban Communist Party’s recent Sixth Congress reflected this, offering little new and rehashing a lot of the old.

via Has Cuba Lost its Last Chance? by Carlos Perez Llana – Project Syndicate.

A Special Welcome to International Delegations: Miami Council for International Visitors (MCIV)

Coral Gables is privileged to be the home of the Miami Council for International Visitors (MCIV;  This premier local organization, which is a member of the National Council for International Visitor (NCIV), is host to delegations to the South Florida region from throughout the world, whose participants are here experiencing the culture, society, politics, economics and social dimensions of our great region and city.

These visitors’ activities are financed through the Department of State and NCIV, and the delegations are selected by our U.S. embassies in the world.  MCIV Miami is host to literally hundreds of visitors during the year and its “citizen diplomat” members of MCIV, host the visitors in their homes, offices and work places.

For those interested in becoming “citizen diplomats,” collaborating with MCIV and meeting these international visitors, you can contact Annette Alvarez, Executive Director MCIV, through their website at