I guess only a Cuban American can say this

They use conservatism as an excuse for refusing to even consider that something is rotten in a nation that continues to allow its police officers to kill unarmed Black men, women and teenagers, and use excessive force disproportionately against them. It’s not just simply “conservative” politics to lambaste the Catholic school where they send their daughters for being inclusive and using terms like “systemic racism” and “social justice” under the cloak of casting these words as “Marxism.”

It’s racism.

Republican Cuban Americans slam Carrollton’s race education | Miami Herald

Racist comments and practices are mostly expressed in private, but here stated quite clearly for the South Florida community: there are pervasive institutional practices of racism against African-Americans in the US, Florida and Coral Gables.

There is public acquiescence with such institutional (called systemic, too) racism in Coral Gables and other towns.

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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