City of Coral Gables to Give COVID Vaccinations: Questions?

I just observe vaccinations Baptist Health.The service was amazing–fast, efficient, great parking, friendly and low stressful and they were through putting 100s of vaccinations per hour, at least.

Question: Do we think that the Coral Gables fire department can compete with this system. Answer: NO.

Question: Wouldn’t you rather that Baptist Health get that vaccine allocation rather than the City of Coral Gables with its likely high cost, less efficient system. Answer: YES.

Question: Will the residents of Coral Gables get preference into local vaccination? Answer: they say NO.

Question: Does it make medical sense that a small municipality get in the business right now of giving vaccinations? Answer: NO. We need fast, large-scale, cost effective vaccination services.

Question: Does the City of Coral Gables getting into the vaccination business sound like a political show? Answer: YES

About Stephen E. McGaughey
Resident of the City of Coral Gables

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