COVID-19 CRISIS: Florida, Miami-Dade County “Gets Tough”

The Mayor of Miami-Dade County, Mayor Carlos Gimenez, in a press conference, discussed COVID-19 incidence and mitigation measures. [].

Miami-Dade County is suffering from an increase in infections because of a prior light-touch approach to enforcement. People interpreted the opening as an invitation to return to the old normal.

Some notes from that press conference:

  • The theme was “GETTING TOUGH” by the police on businesses and people who don’t follow proper mitigation measures.
  • The mayor stated that the “Stay at Home” rules are still in force. The should be a surprise for most citizens.
  • Many people are observed not following mitigation measures, including no masks, masks with nose out, no social distancing, resistance to following rules in restaurants and other businesses, playing group sports…
  • It was urged that extended families being together on Fathers’ Day were urged to follow mitigation measures and be outdoors.
  • It was stated that there ware enough ICU beds available, but no criterion for “enough” was stated. What percent of the beds are occupied? More than 70 percent occupied is a measure of “shortage” for planning purpose. We don’t know and numbers are not published.
  • Infections are increasing in a younger population many of which are asymptomatic. This is danger for the whole community, young and old.

About Stephen McGaughey
Resident of South Florida and the City of Coral Gables

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